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Big Dreams Come True for Megan

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You may remember a lovely young woman named Megan from last year’s “20 Years of Hope” blog series. After losing her younger sister who was unable to receive the medical care that she needed, Megan resolved to help prevent others from going through a similar tragedy. Her dream was to study at a university in order to qualify for an occupation in the medical field and applied for an LWB Cambodia College Scholarship.

We were only too happy to provide the financial assistance needed to help make Megan’s dreams come true. You can read more about her past struggles and triumphs here.

Young woman in cap and gown in front of Angkor Wat

We are thrilled to announce that after five long years of hard work, Megan has graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from Norton University in Phnom Penh! Several weeks ago, she wrote with great excitement to let us know that she had completed the National Pharmacy Exam. Megan had already been putting her knowledge to good use as a pharmacy assistant in a local hospital and will continue in that position until she is able to fulfill an even bigger dream.

Once she has saved up enough money, Megan hopes to open a pharmacy in her home village. In Cambodia, pharmacists play a vital role in the community, often serving as the first point of contact for medical care. When the day comes for Megan to open her own establishment, she will be a huge blessing to her friends and family from the very neighborhood where she grew up.

Young woman in pharmacy lab coat holding flowers in front of Angkor Wat

Megan would also like to volunteer for LWB, continuing to follow a passion that blossomed in college when she volunteered to provide support to her community during the height of the COVID crisis. At that time, she also helped to provide medical care to children in rural villages. We absolutely love the giving heart of this beautiful young woman!

Young female graduate standing in front of Angkor Was

Over the past few years, our Dream Big for Cambodia Higher Education program has helped 40 young people graduate from various universities, transforming their lives in ways they never could have imagined as young children. Every one of these students became the first in their families to earn a college degree — truly an incredible accomplishment, and a huge step in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Young woman in a white pharmacy coat holding a graduation cap

Today we celebrate the generosity of the LWB community, which just this week has funded scholarships for 10 new students in record time! Ten more deserving young people like Megan will soon begin their college studies, building a brighter future for themselves and their families. THANK YOU!

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