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20 Years of Hope: Megan

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Megan is from one of the rural villages where we work in Cambodia. When Love Without Boundaries first set up projects along the border region with Thailand in 2016, she became part of our high school education program. In the impoverished area where she lives, the graduation rate is extremely low, as many kids must drop out of school to earn money to support their families. According to the Cambodian Ministry of Education, just 14% of girls ever finish high school in this region.

As she was beginning high school, Megan suffered a devastating loss. Her younger sister passed away after not being able to receive the medical care she needed. At this point in her young life, Megan resolved to study at a university, hoping to either qualify as a nurse or pursue another occupation in the medical field. This bright young lady wanted to help others to avoid the heartache that had befallen her own family.

Girl in a black and gold headband and a red jacket holds a booklet

After graduating from high school, Megan was awarded a scholarship from Love Without Boundaries through our Impoverished Student Support program to continue on to higher education. Due to an administrative oversight by the nursing school, she missed taking the medical college entrance exam — much to her great disappointment. This meant that Megan had to sit out an entire year until the next exam date. Eager to use the year as productively as possible, Megan continued to study and worked as an assistant to the LWB school medic, an opportunity that gave her a wonderful head start in the practical application of her chosen field.

Young woman wears goggles and a mask in a pharmacy

The following year, Megan took the college entrance exam and did so well that she was encouraged to enter the highly-sought after pharmacy program rather than nursing as she had planned. This program has a rigorous five-year curriculum along with additional language studies in French and English. She enrolled in the program and has never looked back!

Two young women in lab coats and hats working in a lab

Megan earned very good grades and completed internships in both hospitals and pharmacies. During the COVID pandemic, Megan also devoted many volunteer hours to the stop-the-spread efforts in Cambodia. We love seeing that Megan is willing to give selflessly of her own time to help improve the lives of others.

A young woman in a white lab coat and mask peers into a microscope in a lab.

When Megan graduates at the end of this year, she can look forward to a rewarding career and financial independence. Pharmacists in Cambodia play a vital role in the community and are often the first point of contact for medical care, serving essentially as primary caregivers.

Young woman in a black top and jeans stands by a pond with water lilies in bloom

Inspired by the memory of her beloved sister, Megan will continue to be a skilled and compassionate asset to her community. We are so proud of this truly remarkable young woman!

This is the sort of wonderful outcome that YOU make possible when you support our work around the world.

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