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Tag: heart defect

20 Years of Hope: Kaniel

Baby Kaniel was born in Uganda in July of 2016, to the great joy of his parents Ronald and Joy. Their happiness quickly turned to fear and sadness when Kaniel went into distress just a few hours later. His breathing became labored, and nurses came running to whisk the tiny newborn away to the ICU. […]

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20 Years of Hope: Oliver

Baby Oliver was born with Down syndrome in 2016, and his little heart was failing. Hope was also failing for his devoted parents as they tirelessly sought treatment for their beloved son. Oliver and his impoverished family touched many hearts in the LWB community when we ran a series of blogs on him and his […]

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20 Years of Hope: Verena

Little Verena was born prematurely to secondary school teachers in Uganda. After spending a few weeks in a hospital incubator, she was transferred to the Uganda Heart Institute where doctors diagnosed her with a heart defect. Unfortunately, Verena’s heart defect could not be repaired in Uganda, as it was too complex. Verena’s only chance at life […]

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Helping Sisters Kaelyn and Kara through our Unity Initiative

Kara and Kaelyn are two of a set of triplet girls being raised by their grandparents and aunt in China after their father had a mental breakdown and their mother left the family. The triplets also have an older sister, so these elderly grandparents have their hands full with four girls. When the triplets were […]

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Rhonda and LWB’s Unity Initiative in China

Rhonda’s parents met when they were both working far from home as migrant workers in China. Her father came from an impoverished farming family and worked for years to repay his family’s debt. He was proud that he was beginning to get back on his feet. Expecting a baby added to his and his wife’s excitement […]

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Kirstin: A Journey of Love

Over two years ago, baby Kirstin was admitted to our Love Without Boundaries China Healing Home at just a few weeks old. Born with a hole in her heart, Kirstin was also suffering from pneumonia when she entered our care.  As the days turned into weeks and then months, Kirstin grew stronger. The hole in her heart decreased […]

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