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Tag: College scholarship

Big Dreams Come True for Megan

You may remember a lovely young woman named Megan from last year’s “20 Years of Hope” blog series. After losing her younger sister who was unable to receive the medical care that she needed, Megan resolved to help prevent others from going through a similar tragedy. Her dream was to study at a university in […]

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20 Years of Hope: Theo

In 2017, nineteen-year-old Theo applied for a college scholarship sponsored by LWB’s Cambodia College Scholarship program. He came from a very poor family that struggled greatly to make ends meet. Theo and his two younger brothers were dependent on their mother for support. Unfortunately, she was not always healthy enough to work, so life was […]

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20 Years of Hope: Nancy

In 2016, a very driven 16-year-old girl named Nancy entered our Impoverished Student Support (ISS) program in Cambodia. Her family tried their best, but they had a difficult time making ends meet in the very poor region where they lived. Nancy recalls: My parents had to migrate to Thailand to earn money to support my […]

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20 Years of Hope: Cui

In 1986, a tiny baby named Cui was born with a very wide bilateral cleft lip. As a result, her birth parents abandoned her in a rural field shortly after she came into the world. Thankfully, a man passing by that day found Cui bundled up near the dusty road. When he saw the tiny […]

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Life at the Landfill: A Conversation with Amy Eldridge

Our CEO, Amy Eldridge, recently returned from visiting our programs in India and Cambodia. She had the opportunity to visit not only our school programs but also the landfill where over 78 of our students live and work in an environment most of us can barely imagine. Can you tell us about the situation on […]

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