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213 Children Healed in Uganda: Our Latest Pediatric Hernia Mission

Last week, a team of 26 physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical staff came together at Nebbi General Hospital in northern Uganda for our February 2024 Pediatric Hernia Mission — and it was an amazing week of hope and healing. Just imagine — 213 surgeries in five days! Tonight, so many children will sleep pain-free […]

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Cardiac Surgery Story of Hope: Celine

In 2019, a woman named Resty wrote to LWB’s Medical Care program, pleading for help for her only child, Celine. Celine had been born with a serious cardiac defect called tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), which is a combination of four different defects which typically need to be corrected during the first year of life. When […]

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LWB’s Cardiac Care Program: A Last Chance for Healing

What if where you were born determined whether you would survive childhood? Love Without Boundaries began in 2003 with an international effort to save the life of one orphaned boy in China desperately in need of heart surgery. Since that time, we have helped over 1,300 children with congenital heart defects receive the essential cardiac […]

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Scoliosis Surgery Success Times 2: Treasure and Michaela

In 2019, LWB learned of a lovely eleven-year-old Ugandan girl named Treasure who had a severe case of scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) that was making her life very difficult. Treasure’s scoliosis was so severe that her ribcage was pushed against her heart and lungs which caused breathing and circulation issues. Doctors in Uganda […]

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20 Years of Hope: Mary Martha

In 2019, LWB’s Uganda staff learned of a very sick girl named Mary Martha. This small five-year-old child had been born with a complex cardiac defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, and surgery in Uganda was not an option due to the severity of her condition. By the time we met her, Mary Martha had become […]

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20 Years of Hope: Dawson

When Dawson was just a baby, his father passed away, and he spent his childhood being raised by his struggling single mom. In 2021, Dawson turned thirteen years old and his mother remarried. The new family unit of mother, son and step-father proved to be a poor fit. From time to time, Dawson found himself […]

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20 Years of Hope: Hayden

In early 2017, tiny Hayden came into the care of our former healing home in Uganda needing considerable TLC. He was sickly, weighing a scant 5 kilograms (11 pounds) at 13 months of age, and his parents were nowhere to be found. The nannies in the home got right to work loving on this precious […]

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20 Years of Hope: Solomon and Shadrack

Solomon and Shadrack are 11-year-old twin boys living in Uganda. They live with their 72-year-old grandmother, their younger sister, and a cousin. Sadly, both boys suffer from asthma and are frequently in and out of the hospital. As if this wasn’t a difficult enough situation, the boys also developed painful hernias and needed medical care […]

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20 Years of Hope: Joy

Almost immediately after she was born, tiny Joy was whisked away from her mother to undergo emergency surgery for a life-threatening intestinal condition. Days later, she was diagnosed with a complex heart issue as well — an atrioventricular (AV) canal defect. This condition involves a large hole in the very center of the heart chambers, […]

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20 Years of Hope: Kaniel

Baby Kaniel was born in Uganda in July of 2016, to the great joy of his parents Ronald and Joy. Their happiness quickly turned to fear and sadness when Kaniel went into distress just a few hours later. His breathing became labored, and nurses came running to whisk the tiny newborn away to the ICU. […]

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