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Category: Nutrition

Mercy: A Journey of Love, a Life Transformed

Sweet Mercy had a very difficult start in life. Mercy and her five siblings faced threats and violence in their home. After their father left, Mercy’s mother struggled greatly to provide for the children. Then tragedy struck. One day while she searched for seashells to sell, one of Mercy’s siblings drowned in the water nearby. Desperate to […]

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Medically Vulnerable Children and the Importance of Nutrition

We know that all children need good nutrition to grow and thrive, but did you know that a well-balanced diet is absolutely essential to the survival of medically vulnerable children?  Without a proper diet, kids with special medical needs are at increased risk of illness and even death. That’s why we at LWB are committed […]

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Feeding Rena and Her Brothers

Rena’s story is a very difficult one. Left with no care and no food at six years old, she became the primary caregiver to her younger siblings. When our Cambodia team discovered Rena and her three younger brothers, they were extremely malnourished with signs of kwashiorkor, a severe protein malnutrition. A telltale sign of kwashiorkor is […]

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Help a Child in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America that is deeply impacted by severe poverty. Child labor is common, with many children not receiving an education. Only 4% of children living in rural regions will ever graduate high school. Guatemala also has a very high rate of malnutrition, with one of two children suffering stunting […]

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Cleft Bottles and Formulas for Babies like Zack

All this week, we are raising critical funds to provide nutrition for babies born with cleft as we prepare to send a surgery team to Guatemala later this year.  We are working side-by-side with Partners in Surgery to make sure every baby who comes to see our team will qualify for surgery. One of the babies waiting for his lip repair operation is tiny little Zack.

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