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Start your personal fundraiser today to help children in LWB's programs, invite your friends to get involved, or look through our list of current fundraisers and add your support! People all around the world are impacting lives through their birthdays, special events, youth groups, or team activities. Join with us and make a real and tangible difference in a child's life today.

Please note that TeamLWB fundraising campaigns are limited to raising funds to help children in LWB's programs.


It starts with YOU!

Changing the world starts when caring people like you want to make a difference.

TeamLWB fundraisers (listed alphabetically)

Al Mattin & Mary Adams Wedding
Raised $460.00
Goal $3,000.00
Bekah's Watermelon Run+Walk+Roll (2021)
Raised $49,514.00
Goal $40,000.00
Bring Water, Bring Hope
Raised $300.00
Goal $300.00
Raised $101,202.00
Goal $1,000,000.00
Education for a Brighter Future
Raised $6,611.00
Goal $10,000.00
Raised $0.00
Goal $10,000.00
Jordan's Bring Water Fundraiser
Raised $150.00
Goal $300.00
Smile with Sparkles
Raised $1,458.00
Goal $2,500.00
The Smile Project
Raised $3,035.00
Goal $5,000.00
Raised $0.00
Goal $900.00

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