Dream Big for Vithu Village


Vithu Village is in the rural border region of western Cambodia. It has become a settlement for some of the most impoverished families in the region. The village has no electricity, water, or healthcare services, and the almost 100 children who call this village home are receiving no education. The closest government school is over 10 miles away, and the journey there would be too dangerous due to both landmines and traffickers in the region. The majority of children in the village are suffering from chronic malnutrition, with physical stunting and discolored hair showing the impact a lack of food is taking on their bodies.

LWB is dreaming big and has set a big goal to start a primary school in the heart of Vithu Village, including a daily hot lunch program, to make sure all children have the opportunity to receive an education and a nutritious meal each day. To make this dream a reality, we need to raise $30,000, which will allow us to hire teachers, set up the schoolhouse, and purchase all the needed books and supplies for the children.

Want to be part of something absolutely amazing? Just imagine the difference in these children's lives when they finally get a chance to go to school and learn to read. Join us in dreaming big for Vithu Village and make a donation today. Your donation in any amount will give the essential gift of learning to children in this remote village, a gift that will last a lifetime and allow them to also dream big about their futures. 

Dream Big for Vithu Village
Need: Vithu Village School
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