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Two Babies and a 10-year-old Receive Heart Surgery in India

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Our India Medical Program has had a busy couple of months. In the last four months of 2023, twelve children have had their hearts healed because of the generosity of our amazing donors!

Baby Madhuri’s Heart Surgery

Meet Baby Madhuri, the youngest child in the family. Her father delivers fruits to local vendors, and her mother stays home to care for the children. Madhuri’s heart defect was noticed by doctors during a routine prenatal exam, but they were hopeful the condition would not be too serious. Unfortunately, her heart defect was worse than originally anticipated. 

Newborn baby wrapped in a white blanket in need of heart surgery

After she was born, doctors wanted to proceed with surgery as soon as possible. Madhuri’s family, however, could not afford the costs of the procedure and did not know where to turn for help.

Baby in white lying on a yellow flowered blanket before heart surgery

When we heard Madhuri was waiting, we accepted her into our India Medical program and worked to get her put on the surgery schedule as soon as possible. There was a moment of concern when the exams revealed surgery would be more complicated due to a bulge on Madhuri’s lungs. Thankfully, her doctors worked to create a new surgical plan and were able to move forward with surgery the following week.

Baby in blue smiling on adult's shoulder

The surgery went smoothly, and little Madhuri was happily back in her mother’s arms shortly afterward. Now, Madhuri and her family are celebrating her healed heart at home!

Baby Ishika’s Heart Surgery

Baby Ishika and her twin sister were both diagnosed with heart defects in utero when their mom was five months pregnant, and their parents were devastated to receive this difficult news. When the twins were born, doctors examined both babies and felt that while her sister’s defect would eventually heal on its own, Ishika would need surgery.

Twin girls dressed in pink and turquoise lying on a blue blanket

The high cost of heart surgery was outside of this one-income family’s reach. The medical team at Amrita, our partner hospital, helped to connect her family with our India Medical program, and we quickly accepted Ishika as an LWB child. 

Baby lying in hospital bed in India with bandage on hand waiting for heart surgery

Following her successful cardiac procedure, Ishika stayed in the ICU for a few days. She received fantastic care from the hospital staff before leaving the hospital to return home. 

Tiny baby girl in dress and bow lying in hospital

We hope a happy smile will soon replace those worried little brows!

Lakshmi’s Heart Surgery

Ten-year-old Lakshmi lives with her parents, two grandparents, and two siblings. Doctors discovered her heart condition when she was only six months old and explained to her parents that surgery would be necessary. Her parents didn’t want to believe this frightening news and hoped her heart would heal on its own.

Indian girl in a blue shirt with a tan scarf standing by a tiled wall before Heart Surgery

Several months ago, Lakshmi began having difficulty breathing. Her parents finally faced the reality of their daughter’s medical needs. Doctors told them the difficult truth that if they waited any longer to get their daughter’s heart repaired, it would likely be too late.

Thankfully, the hospital connected them with our India Medical care program, and Lakshmi finally had her life-saving heart surgery at our partner hospital.

Ten year old girl in Indian hospital following heart surgery

Already, she’s getting stronger and feeling more energetic! Her grateful parents took their daughter home not long after her surgery.

Madhuri, Ishika, and Lakshmi now have the opportunity for a future full of hope and health. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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