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Medical Care Sponsorship

provide medical care for children in India
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About India Medical Care

We are so pleased to be helping orphaned and impoverished children in India with life-saving medical care. We currently have two areas of focus. We are helping children from rural Odisha receive life-saving medical treatments that their families are unable to afford. Additionally we have begun a partnership with the pediatric cardiology team at Amrita Institute of Medical Services and Research Center in Kochi, India. Within India, Amrita is known as a charitable hospital where many destitute families are referred as a last chance to be able to get medical care for their children. Our hope is that the children from Odisha and those being helped at Amrita will be able to receive healing and go on to live their lives to their fullest potential.

We welcome your one-time donation in any amount or ongoing sponsorship in a minimum suggested amount of $25 per month. Sponsors will receive photos and updates of the children helped.

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