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20 Years of Hope: Theodore

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At the beginning of 2023, a little boy named Theodore came to the attention of our Cambodia team. He was just eight years old and living all by himself. When Theodore was one year old his father passed away; soon afterward, his mother remarried and left Theodore alone in the very poor village where their family had lived.

As if this wasn’t a desperate enough situation, this young boy with soulful eyes had been born with cerebral palsy and was unable to use his legs. Can you even imagine how hard his life was?

Boy with cerebral palsy sits on ground in Spiderman clothes

Thankfully, a compassionate neighbor cared for Theodore as well as she could. This kind woman couldn’t afford to send Theodore to school; the best she could do was provide him with two meals a day. She recently passed away, leaving Theodore alone once more and unable to care for himself.

Theodore did have an old wheelchair at this point, and another neighbor stepped up to provide him with food and drink. But there was no home, no clothing, no sanitation, and no real future for this young boy.

Little boy with holes in his pants sits in a wheelchair in Cambodia

The village leader sought assistance to find shelter for Theodore, and that is when Love Without Boundaries entered the picture.

We’re happy to report that Theodore was placed into our foster care program where he is absolutely adored by his new foster father.

Little boy in green shirt is held by his foster father in Cambodia

We quickly found out what a resilient and determined young boy he was. Despite his physical limitations, Theodore was able to use his hands and arms to move about. Our staff told us that Theodore was an excellent communicator and a genuinely sweet child. We needed to make sure Theodore had his chance to thrive and shine!

We sought therapy for Theodore from the Rehabilitation Center in the city of Battambang. Soon, with their help, Theodore was able to start using his legs. We were able to purchase a posterior walking frame that allows him to stand upright, strengthen his legs, and move much more freely.

Little boy with cerebral palsy wearing a blue school uniform uses a posterior walker

As you can tell from his beaming smile, he absolutely adores his new wheels!

Theodore was enrolled in our local Believe In Me school and has already graduated from Grade 1. His classmates welcomed him with open arms, and he has become a cherished playmate to the other students in his school.

During playtime and recess, Theodore can often be found enthusiastically creating buildings with his favorite construction toy.

Little boy in blue school uniform plays with colorful toy

Looking to the future, Theodore shares a heartwarming dream: He hopes to build his very own house, even if that prospect presents major challenges. We love his sense of hope and determination!

Little boy in a plaid shirt reads a book in Khmer

During a recent celebration, Theodore took center stage in front of all the children for the School Show. He and his classmates performed coordinated hand movements to “We Are the World.”

Performing from the heart with that sweet little smile on his face was truly touching. We are so proud of him and the incredible progress he’s made!

We’re beyond grateful for the sponsors who have made Theodore’s transformation possible. With his incredible determination and the support of our dedicated school staff, a whole new world of possibilities awaits him in the future!

Little boy with cerebral palsy wears a blue school uniform

To ensure that Theodore’s educational journey can continue unhindered, we’re looking for additional sponsors to support his educational costs. Sponsor Theodore for $25/month to receive regular photos and updates on his progress. Gifts in any amount to our Dream Big for Cambodia education campaign are also very welcome!

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