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The Gift of a Chicken

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Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, and most likely your inbox is being filled with messages from charities with suggestions on how to participate.  We also want to share an exciting, high-impact Giving Tuesday project that can be described in just one word: CHICKENS.

A girl in a Guatemalan dress holds a basket of several chicks

LWB’s founder, Amy Eldridge, and our Managing Director of Guatemala, Julia Bennett, just returned from visiting Guatemala.

View of Quiche, Guatemala with mountains in the background

They saw firsthand what they had read about in a UN paper: an increasing number of children under the age of 5 facing malnutrition. In fact, in one of the rural highland regions they visited, over 70% of Mayan children suffer stunted growth due to chronic hunger.

What Amy and Julia witnessed during their recent trip touched their hearts and made our decision for this Giving Tuesday an easy one. Our Giving Tuesday goal is to provide sustainable nutrition to struggling Guatemalan families through the gift of chickens.

Did you know that a single chicken can provide up to 150 eggs a year for a family?  That’s a lot of essential protein for growing children!

Guatemalan girl looking at a baby chick

A struggling mom with a flock of chickens at home can be empowered to earn sustainable income for her family. In a region where most residents work informally as local farmers and laborers, this project provides a chance for economic stability.

For Giving Tuesday, you can gift 3 baby chicks for a $5 gift, a mature laying chicken for $15, or an entire flock of chickens for just $50!  Can you imagine the excitement of a family when our team arrives in their village with such an impactful gift?

Guatemalan girl in a white tunic holds a yellow baby chick

Those of us in the US just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, most likely with far too much food on the table. Giving Tuesday is a wonderful way to share our blessings with those who are hungry right now. 

We have already spoken to a vet and chicken supplier in Quiché who is ready to fulfill our order as soon as we know how many chickens are funded. Can you help bring essential food — and smiles — to a rural family this Giving Tuesday? 

Girl in traditional Guatemalan clothing holds a yellow baby chick

Chickens are a tangible gift that can bring hope for years to come. We can’t wait to share photos and stories with you of the families who will soon find a way out of hunger.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support!

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