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Helping Sisters Kaelyn and Kara through our Unity Initiative

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Kara and Kaelyn are two of a set of triplet girls being raised by their grandparents and aunt in China after their father had a mental breakdown and their mother left the family. The triplets also have an older sister, so these elderly grandparents have their hands full with four girls.

When the triplets were born in 2021, doctors told their shocked family that two of the three girls had congenital heart defects. Doctors advised heart repair surgery, but the family could not afford their care and took the babies home, hoping that the defects might heal on their own. The family was quite poor, and the cost of diapers and formula for three new babies was a heavy burden on the aging grandparents.

Toddler girl in green with her grandpa at hospital

Since the girls’ mother left the family, it has been up to the grandparents to care for these four girls. Their grandfather gets the older sister dressed, takes her to school, and then comes home to help his wife look after the three toddler girls.

Toddler girl lying in hospital bed with red blanket

Kara and Kaelyn cannot speak or walk. They are very delayed for their age because their bodies are weak due to unrepaired heart defects.

Toddler girl in red and blue stripes sleeping in hospital

In late April, Kara and Kaelyn developed breathing distress, and their grandfather and aunt rushed them to the hospital. Doctors found that they had developed severe pulmonary hypertension and have advised immediate surgery if the sisters are to have a chance to survive.

Toddler girl sitting in hospital bed

Thankfully, the hospital told this family about our Unity Initiative which provides surgeries for children from impoverished families who are unable to afford the medical care needed for their children. The family applied for help and asked, “Please save the girls and let them breathe fresh air as a normal child, let them walk, sing and run freely.”

Will you join us in standing with this family in need? Kaelyn’s surgery is nearly funded through our Unity Initiative, but we’re still working to raise $2,300 for Kara’s operation.

Toddler girl in red and blue striped shirt in hospital with aunt
Give to help Kara get heart surgery

We thank you for standing with us and this family during their time of need.

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