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Empower Me Teen: Melody

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The Empower Me Teen Program is a lifeline for girls in the poorest regions of Guatemala. Country-wide, records show that only 60 percent of girls will finish primary school, 20 percent will complete secondary school, and only 10 percent will go on to study at a university. Numbers are even more dire for rural, indigenous populations.

Through Empower Me Teen, we hope to increase those odds dramatically for 120 girls like Melody so they can go on to find meaningful employment and enjoy safe and independent lives.

Girl in Guatemala holding a green soccer ball

Melody is a 13-year-old girl in Guatemala who is not only beautiful but also smart and strong. Currently in 7th grade, she is known as a friendly, kind, and happy teen. Playing soccer is one of Melody’s passions.

Girl on a Guatemalan playground has her foot on a green soccer ball

Melody is part of a family of nine, including five sisters and two brothers. Her father works as a carpenter, and her mother sells tortillas, stuffed peppers, and tostadas. Living conditions for this large family are pretty spartan, but there is a lot of love to make their home feel warm.

Mom with her two daughters and two sons at their home in Guatemala

A veteran of the Empower Me Teen Program for the past few years, Melody enjoys being an active participant. She loves spending time with the other girls in the program and especially appreciates the workshops covering health and hygiene topics. Next year, she plans to continue her studies while also taking on the role of baby caregiver on the side. Melody’s dream is to become both a pediatrician and a soccer player. We love her ambition!

Empower Me Teen girl in Guatemala wearing a grey sweater

Like Melody, we’re dreaming big: our goal is to raise $25,00 in order to expand the Empower Me Teen program from 40 to 120 girls this year.

Four girls attending a teen empowerment program in Guatemala

The monthly cost per girl to attend our Empower Me Teen program is $27. This includes four workshops, program materials, feminine hygiene products, and nutritious snacks.

We are gratefully accepting one-time donations of $25, $100, or any amount in addition to ongoing sponsorships of $25 per month.

Donate to our Empower Me program in Guatemala

Won’t you please join us in improving the lives of vulnerable girls like Melody? Your support will help encourage them to finish their educations, find employment, and escape the violence often found in the rural areas of Guatemala.

We are truly grateful for the chance to show these girls that their dreams matter.

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