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Empower Me Teen: Kathryn

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This week, we are working to raise funds to allow 120 vulnerable girls in Guatemala to participate in our Empower Me teen program. Due to poverty and limited resources, many teenage Guatemalan girls are sadly unable to complete their educations. Girls like Kathryn can face a lifetime of unemployment, with no safe environment in which to grow and thrive.

Girl in red shirt overlooking city

Kathryn is an absolutely adorable ten-year-old girl who is currently in fourth grade. She lives with her mother who keeps house, her father who is a bricklayer, and a sweet three-year-old sister. This sunny girl is particular and likes to have everything “just so.” We think you’ll agree that this little perfectionist deserves her chance to shine!

Two years ago, Kathryn attended her first Empower Me teen workshop. These workshops are designed to help give these girls independence and hope for a brighter future. Last year, Kathryn’s favorite workshop celebrated Women’s Day, which culminated in a walk through the streets of her town with all the young ladies wearing purple. Another favorite class covered the very practical subject of women’s hygiene. In a region where most women do not have access to basic hygiene products, this subject is a great boost to the girls’ dignity and quality of life.

A serious student, Kathryn dreams of becoming a doctor. In addition to spending time on her studies, she plays an active role at home with her family. She cheerfully helps her mother with laundry and loves to play with her little sister. She also has an artistic streak and loves to do crafts. Kathryn has a well-rounded set of interests, that’s for sure!

Girl in red shirt overlooks city

Ever the positive thinker, Kathryn says her favorite day of the week is “every day.” With that great attitude, plus all that she’s learning through the Empower Me teen Program, she has a very real chance to succeed in life.

Girl in red shirt with hand on brown dog

Like Kathryn, we are embracing the positive and dreaming big. This week, we’re endeavoring to raise $25,000 to support 80 additional girls, bringing the total number of participants in our Empower Me teen program from 40 to 120!

The cost per child to attend Empower Me Teen for one month is $27. This includes four workshops, program materials, hygiene products, and nutritious snacks.

We’re gratefully accepting one-time donations in the amounts of $25, $100, or any amount. Ongoing sponsorships of $25 per month, or $300 per year, are also available.

Donate or Sponsor a Girl for Empower Me
Teen girls sitting in a circle

Will you please join us in standing with these vulnerable young ladies? This is your chance to change the whole narrative of their lives, making it possible for these girls to earn a living, escape poverty, and live free of the violence that is so prevalent in rural areas of Guatemala. We are grateful for your consideration and hope you will join us in offering dignity and hope for their future.

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