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Egg-cellent! A Chicken Delivery in Guatemala

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Just recently, LWB was happy to be able to partner with a Guatemalan charity called Tob’anik K’iche on a very special project. Our aim was to help to provide essential nutrition to the children in Lemoa, an impoverished village in rural Guatemala. Many of the children in this community are malnourished, coming from impoverished families with limited education and financial resources.

Guatemalan girl wearing brown

We knew this was an important project for child health that the LWB community would get behind!

With the help of Tob’anik K’iche, we were able to make a rather unusual delivery to the villages: chickens! Over 500 chickens – some big and some small – will soon be providing eggs for the families in Lemoa.

Closeup of two sets of hands holding 4 baby chicks

Ana Luisa is a 48-year-old mother of 11 children, eight of whom are still living with Ana and her husband. Ana’s husband is a hard-working farmer, trying to earn enough money to keep the ten of them fed. Their gift of baby chicks should start laying eggs in four months or so, providing a valuable source of protein for the entire family.

Guatemalan family with 3 kids each holding a chick after a chicken delivery

First-grader Yoni (seen above in the dark jacket on the left) thinks this is a wonderful idea and has big dreams of becoming a doctor someday AND owning his own chicken farm!

Sebastiana’s husband is also a farmer, and the couple has five little mouths to feed, including Baby Evelin who just celebrated her first birthday. Can you imagine what is going through Evelin’s mind as she peeks around her momma to see what is in her hand?

Guatemalan baby strapped to mom's back peeking at a baby chick

With their gift of five larger chickens, it won’t be long before Evelin’s family has a continuous supply of nutritious eggs.

In addition to the chicken delivery, we supplied Ecofilters to purify the local water which is not safe to drink. We also provided large baskets of food to help provide the vitamins, minerals, and protein that these deserving families need.

Guatemalan woman in orange holding a basket of food supplies

Our generous community of supporters funded this impactful special project on Giving Tuesday 2023, and we were very excited to deliver the chickens, Ecofilters, and food supplies within a month of receiving these donations. Your generosity is changing precious lives for the better!

Little girl in pink holding a chick
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