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Catherine: Waiting for Heart Surgery

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This lovely five-year-old is Catherine. She lives with her parents and her baby sister in Uganda.

Ugandan girl in pink dress waiting for heart surgery

Catherine appeared to be a completely healthy child until she developed a terrible cough last year at age four. After receiving treatment at a local hospital, she was referred to the Uganda Heart Institute for further evaluation. Sadly, little Catherine was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect which needs surgical repair without delay. This diagnosis was a big shock to her family.

Medications for Catherine’s heart condition are quite expensive, and her parents have had to borrow money from friends. While her father is a businessman and her mother is a teacher, their daughter’s medical expenses are overwhelming. Her family became greatly distressed over not only the financial strain but whether or not Catherine could get her heart repaired before it is too late.

The prospect of losing their precious daughter and big sister was unimaginable.

Ugandan sisters in pink and white dresses

Catherine’s mom applied to a charity for help, but the financial assistance never came. Then, a friend referred her to Love Without Boundaries, and we were pleased to accept Catherine into our international cardiac program.

Because heart surgery is unavailable in Catherine’s home country of Uganda, we’re working to raise funds for her and a parent to travel to our partner hospital, Amrita Hospital, in India. A total of $10,000 is needed to cover the costs of Catherine’s heart surgery, pre-op and post-op evaluations and care, travel, and accommodations during the several weeks that she is likely to be in India.

As of today, $2,100 has been raised towards Catherine’s expenses, so $7,900 is needed to cover the costs of her care. We know this is a large amount, but Catherine’s life matters, and she deserves the chance for a healthy future.

Ugandan girl in salmon colored dress in front of a wall waiting for heart surgery

Now, Catherine’s parents have renewed hope that their daughter will have the opportunity for a long and healthy life.

Ugandan girl with her mom and baby sister

Will you help us make this hope a reality by donating to send Catherine to India for surgery to repair her heart?

As of today, we’ve raised 24% of the amount needed for our 7 Hearts, 7 Days campaign. We truly cannot help Catherine and the 6 other waiting children without the help of you and our entire LWB community and are so grateful for the support we have received so far!

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