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20 Years of Hope: Sampson

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In the fall of 2016, we were first introduced to a solemn little boy who lived along the border region of Cambodia and Thailand. At just two years of age, Sampson had already lived through more sorrow than any toddler should have to experience. His father died when he was just a baby, leaving him and his mother without shelter and food. They both became weak and malnourished, and sadly his mother passed away from tuberculosis just after Sampson’s second birthday. Before she died, her last plea was for someone to take care of her baby boy.

Cambodian boy standing alone in a field

Sampson Enters LWB Foster Care

LWB immediately stepped in to provide Sampson with a loving foster home. As Sampson deeply grieved the loss of his mama, his doting foster granny opened her arms and her heart to help him heal.

Sampson also required immediate medical attention for both a severe lung infection and malnutrition. His foster granny stayed continually by his side in the hospital, comforting him and letting him know everything would be okay. Despite having to get his very first IV, his foster granny’s reassuring presence soon brought out Sampson’s sweet smile.

Cambodian boy in hospital smiling with an IV

Within six months of coming into our foster care program, Sampson’s health had been restored. His adorable laughter filled his foster home.

And the strong bond he formed with his foster grandma brought true peace and security back to his heart.

Little boy kissing foster grandma in Cambodia

Sampson Begins in our Cambodia Education Program

In 2018, Sampson was old enough to enroll at our Sokhem Village Believe in Me school, where he quickly made lots of new friends.

Boy with his preschool classmates behind him

His teachers told us he was an excellent listener who never created problems in his classroom. He enjoyed learning his Khmer letters and numbers, but he still preferred being outside on the playground (who doesn’t?)

Over the last few years, we’ve watched with joy in our hearts as Sampson has transformed from a sick, malnourished toddler into a strong and happy nine-year-old who is an integral part of his village.

He loves his foster family, his friends, and his wonderful dog. No matter what adventures Sampson finds, however, his favorite place of all is still right next to his doting grandma.

Grandma with arm around smiling boy

It seems very fitting that as we celebrate our 20th year of helping children, we get to share the incredible news that Sampson’s foster family in Cambodia will soon be his ADOPTIVE family. It has been a two-year process for his foster parents to work through the often-daunting domestic adoption system, but just this past week, we learned that all their documents have been accepted and sent to the court for finalization

In 2023, Sampson will be getting the best gift that any orphaned child can receive…a permanent family of his very own!

To everyone who supports our life-changing foster care program, we send our deepest gratitude for making these moving stories of hope possible.

And to all the foster parents who open their hearts to kids who feel alone in the world….you are true heroes. THANK YOU for helping children like Sampson find the safety and love they deserve, and thank you for believing with us that EVERY CHILD COUNTS.

Boy with soccer ball

Celebrating 20 Years of Hope

All this year, as we celebrate 20 Years of Hope — LWB’s 20th anniversary — we will be sharing updates on some of the wonderful children this community has impacted over the last two decades in countries around the world. We hope you’ll continue to follow along with these uplifting stories every week, and please consider subscribing to our LWB Community blog to receive every new blog in your email inbox!

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