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20 Years of Hope: Paul, Bobby, Saul, and Kiara

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Six years ago, Love Without Boundaries was asked to provide medical care to a frail teenage girl in Cambodia named Christine who was suffering from tuberculosis (TB). Christine’s family had done everything they could to try to help her get well, even selling off most of their land and possessions in order to get her medical care. LWB arranged for a special ambulance to transport Christine and her father to a hospital in Phnom Penh where doctors determined that she had a very resistant strain of TB. Christine began treatments, but tragically, the disease had already progressed too far for a cure. When Christine passed away ten weeks later, her entire family was devastated both emotionally and financially.

The oldest of the remaining children was Christine’s brother, Paul, who had left high school and gone to Thailand to work in construction to raise money for Christine’s care. He shared with our Cambodia Director that he dreamed of one day rising above his family’s impoverished circumstances. Paul longed to attend university but knew that was impossible due to the family’s financial situation.

Boy in orange shirt in front of a computer

Although we were unable to save Christine’s life, we were committed to providing her siblings with hope for a better future. With the help of our amazing supporters, we were able to award Paul a scholarship to attend the National Polytechnic Institute of Phnom Penh (NPIC). Despite never having graduated from high school, a very bright Paul sat for his entrance exams, passed, and ultimately graduated from NPIC in 2021 with a degree in electronic engineering! He now works with an engineering team at a bottling plant in Phnom Penh.

Middle brother Bobby was the next scholarship recipient and has followed in Paul’s footsteps by also studying at NPIC. Bobby graduated in 2022 and received his degree in automotive engineering.

Young man at NIC university in Cambodia

He now has a promising position with an automotive company in Phnom Penh.

Both Paul and Bobby worked very hard and were excited about their studies, demonstrating both technological expertise and creativity in their senior projects. Paul and his team built a computer-controlled bottling machine.

Young man in front of an engineering project

Bobby and his team designed a solar-powered electric vehicle.

Young man in front of a golf cart in Cambodia

We were so proud of their ingenuity and accomplishments!

The youngest brother, Saul, benefitted from our high school education program. This program provides students with funds to help with the necessities of books, uniforms, tutoring, and help with transportation if needed.

Teenage boy in a red jacket

Saul currently attends a vocational school, studying construction engineering. This smart lad is now an intern with a company in Phnom Penh and has a bright future ahead of him after graduation.

Cambodian teenage boy in a soccer shirt

Not to be outdone by her three older brothers is the youngest of the siblings, Kiara. Kiara is making her own way as both a student…and a teacher! During the week, she works at our Believe In Me Rangsei School teaching young children from underprivileged families. On Friday afternoons, she switches gears, traveling to the University of Management and Economics to attend intensive weekend classes in the field of marketing. She is studying hard during her final semester at the university and will graduate soon.

Cambodian girl wearing a burgundy shirt

On Sunday evenings, Kiara returns home to be ready for her pupils on Monday morning. She doesn’t complain about her demanding schedule and is an enthusiastic, fun-loving role model for the young children she teaches. We all love how Kiara is “paying it forward” in appreciation for her own educational opportunities.

Cambodian teacher with her students

Sadly, the siblings’ mother passed away in 2021, shortly before Paul’s graduation. Paul, Bobby, Saul, and Kiara all express sorrow that she was unable to see them graduate and make a better life for themselves. Their father has health issues that make it impossible for him to work, and the children are thankful that now they’re able to support him.

All four siblings are excited about their futures and confident that they have the ability to earn security for themselves and their families. They will always be grateful for the gift of education from Love Without Boundaries’ generous donors.

We know Christine would be bursting with pride at her siblings’ accomplishments — especially Paul’s. Paul was willing to surrender everything for his love of family. Now, with his sister’s memory carried deeply in his heart, we have no doubt that he and his siblings will continue making a difference in the world.

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