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20 Years of Hope: Janelle

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Fourteen-year-old Janelle’s background story is far too common in the poor, rural areas of Guatemala. Her mother abandoned the family several years ago, leaving Janelle in the care of her impoverished grandmother. Although Janelle had no access to education for three full years, she dreamt of being able to return to school to improve her future.

Guatemalan girl holding school supplies in a bag

Thankfully, Janelle came to the attention of our staff in Guatemala this year, and we were able to help her dreams become a reality. With the help of our Believe in Me (BIM) Center, Janelle was able to return to her school and is currently attending classes for both fifth and sixth grades in order to catch up to her peers. She receives help with math, reading, recitation, technology, and physical education, along with the creative joy of art and music classes.

Girl sitting on the floor working on a coloring sheet

Janelle also benefits from the nutritional component of our BIM center, as we know that students are more successful when we address the malnutrition that is so prevalent in the area. A hot, nutritious meal each day makes it so much easier to concentrate!

Students eating lunch at a Guatemalan school

Janelle has a very busy daily routine, but this girl is up for the challenge! In the mornings, she helps her grandmother at home and then receives tutoring with LWB tutor Miss Evelyn in the afternoons. In the evenings, Janelle returns to our BIM facility for another round of studies. Miss Evelyn does a beautiful job of preparing her students for the more advanced classes that they will attend in the future.

Children in Guatemalan school working with a tutor

It was truly a challenge for Janelle to return to school after three years as she had lost much of what she had already learned during that long hiatus. The first quarter in school was particularly difficult, but Janelle has shown remarkable effort and perseverance. She is now passing each class with good grades and already has a goal in mind for her future. This bright young lady hopes to have a career as an accountant, which seems to be an excellent fit as she does so well in math class.

Girl in purple shirt studying books

We are so very proud of Janelle. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance (and some extra help from our Believe in Me Center), this lovely young lady is changing the course of her future. We are truly grateful to our wonderful supporters who make this vital program possible!

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