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20 Years of Hope: Dawson

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When Dawson was just a baby, his father passed away, and he spent his childhood being raised by his struggling single mom. In 2021, Dawson turned thirteen years old and his mother remarried. The new family unit of mother, son and step-father proved to be a poor fit. From time to time, Dawson found himself locked out of his own home, and eventually he ran away.

Fortunately, one of the community leaders had recently participated in an LWB foster care training course and volunteered to foster Dawson in her own home. This woman and her husband had four teenaged boys of their own, and they were experienced in what a child of this age needed.

Teen boy in a black and green shirt smiling 20 Years of Hope

This turned out to be a very good placement! Our Uganda Program Director in the US was able to visit shortly after Dawson joined this foster family and remarked that Dawson was a social, friendly young man. She reported, “He likes to be around his foster mother and enjoys sitting and talking near her. He has become very close to his younger foster brother and enjoys helping his foster mother care for him.”

Dawson truly blossomed in the home of his foster family. By the time he had been in this environment for six months, our local foster care manager was sending us absolutely GLOWING reports on this lovely young man: “Diligent and hardworking, Dawson’s foster parents are incredibly proud of him. He is very compassionate and feels deeply for others. He is always willing to help, making sure that everything that needs to be done, has been. He is an inspiration to his foster siblings, and his foster parents say the world would be a better place if everyone were as Dawson is.”

Teen boy in a white basketball shirt smiling and standing against a brown wall

We can’t imagine a more positive report after such a short period of time!

In school, Dawson showed himself to be a hard worker. Because he showed good dexterity, he was enrolled in a program to learn metal fabrication and proved to be a quick learner. He completed this course with perfect marks and high praises from his instructors.

Teen boy learning how to work with metal

By March of 2023, Dawson had enrolled in a second vocational course: a two-year program in building and construction. By the time he graduates, he will be able to build a full house from top to bottom.

Teen boy in a blue shirt doing construction work

Dawson’s supervisor told us that he is the only student in the school who goes to the administrative offices each morning to greet every member of the staff before heading off to his classes. We are so proud of this young man, not only for all of his hard work, but also for the kindness and respect that he shows his elders.

Smiling teen in a white plaid shirt sits against a wall.

Dawson is eager to start his own workshop someday, but first he will continue his education with advanced studies for just a few more years. This way, he can truly master his craft while continuing to mature physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Young man walking down a dirt road

None of this would be possible without the support of Dawson’s loving foster family and the help of our local LWB team. We are equally grateful to the donors who continue to support this important program. Thank you for being a special part of his journey!

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