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20 Years of Hope: Albert and Allan

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Albert and Allan were born in May of 2008 in a small village in Uganda. In a tragic twist of fate, the boys’ father died before they were born, and they lost their mother just hours after birth. With no relatives to be found on either side of the family, the very kind birth attendant took it upon herself to raise the boys herself. She even paid for their school fees for as long as she could, up to Grade 4. After the boys were forced to drop out of school, another kind woman supported the boys’ education through Grade 7. After she had to stop her financial support, the twins were forced to drop out of school once again.

Twin boys in tan shirts

Albert and Allan were then brought to the Kampala region from their village by a man who promised to provide sponsorship for their schooling. This is sadly a common scam in many countries around the world, done under the guise of helping destitute orphaned and vulnerable children. The brothers ended up sharing a small room with a large number of other children who had been brought from their region. As the promised sponsorships never materialized, they were unable to attend school or even find enough to eat.

After several months, Albert and Allan came to the attention of our LWB staff. We were able to move the twins into a more suitable foster family and provide them with an appropriate education. At age 14, they now attend an excellent high school and have miraculously caught up to the other students their age.

Both boys have grown since entering the new school, gaining both height and weight. Their personalities are described as reserved, humble, and calm. Both Albert and Allan are hopeful that one day they will be able to become doctors and save other women from the excessive bleeding that took their own mother’s life after delivery. The brothers grieve the loss of their mother, along with the father whom they never knew.

Twin brothers in school uniforms sitting on some steps in Uganda

Our LWB staff visited the twins at school just this month. They were excited and surprised to be pulled out of class for a nice chat. Both boys have already graduated from the Senior 1 class, and are now in Senior 2. They are the best of friends, and will always go to each other first to celebrate both joyful and challenging experiences. Their natural camaraderie is quite evident!

Twin brothers in school uniforms in Uganda

Biology is Allan’s favorite subject, but he finds the formulas and equations of chemistry to be a bit challenging. Despite the challenges, he remains positive about his schooling, and teachers have encouraged him that the work will get easier over time. Allan is running for the position of Education and Library Prefect. This would put him in a position of responsibility, and he’s hopeful that he will win and be an important figure in the student body.

Teen boy wearing a navy blue school uniform

Football is Allan’s favorite sport, and he also enjoys singing with the school choir. A sweet and helpful boy, he likes to help out at home by washing dishes. Cheerful Allan makes friends easily!

Like Allan, Albert’s favorite subject is biology, and he also struggles a little with some of the chemistry topics of equations and chemical reactions. He is happy to address new challenges and embraces them with positivity.

Teen boy sitting on steps in school uniform

Although Albert is less talkative than his brother Allan, he is still quite social and gets along well with his classmates. Like his twin, football is his favorite game, and he participates in class debates. Not to be outdone by Allan, Albert is running for the post of Liturgy Prefect. Both boys are pursuing leadership positions at school, and we are thrilled to see their confidence.

We are inspired by the twins’ positive attitudes and dedication to making the world a better place as future doctors. We are very grateful to their sponsors for helping Allan and Albert’s dreams become a reality.

Twin brothers kneeling and clasping hands
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