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Love Without Boundaries' goal is to give the most loving and compassionate care possible to orphaned and impoverished children. LWB has many comprehensive programs in China, providing medical care, foster care, education, and nutrition. Your support will allow even more children to have a second chance and to know that they truly matter to this world.
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Every child born is important to this world. Every child on earth deserves LOVE.


Living Out Our Name

We recently celebrated the 13th anniversary of the founding of Love Without Boundaries. Our birthday celebration gives us the opportunity to share some truly exciting news. The LWB Board of Directors has decided that it's now time to "live out our name" and take our very successful programs beyond the boundaries of China.

Love WITHOUT Boundaries.

For years we have received almost daily requests for assistance from people and groups worldwide who want to impact the orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities but who lack the resources to realize their dreams. Because of your amazing support, we are prepared to take on global projects that fit with the LWB model.

LWB Every Child Counts

We are very interested in helping in Uganda, as it has an orphan population of over 2 million children, with over a million due to HIV. We will be looking at possible projects for medical, education, nutrition, and foster care.

LWB Every Child Counts

Another region we are considering helping in is the border region between Thailand and Cambodia, where child trafficking and intense poverty have created heartbreaking conditions for thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children. We have been incredibly blessed to connect with a local man here who is doing his very best to help children living in very hard places.

Our commitment to China remains as strong as ever, and the requests we receive for help there continue unabated. But because you have helped LWB establish such strong and solid programs throughout the mainland there, we now feel confident we can have an impact on at-risk children around the world as well.

So here's to the start of new and life-impacting adventures for all of us to share together. We look forward to living out our belief that Every Child Counts!

Read more about this exciting news from our CEO, Amy Eldridge, here

LWB Every Child Counts



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Love Without Boundaries provides life-changing surgeries and medical care, runs well monitored foster care programs, operates in-orphanage schools and offers student support, and gives quality formula and nutrition to orphaned and impoverished children. Our programs work together to best meet the needs of the children entrusted to our care. Our partnership with our supporters makes this all possible.

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