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Love Without Boundaries' goal is to give the most loving and compassionate care possible to orphaned and impoverished children. LWB has many comprehensive programs in China, providing medical care, foster care, education, and nutrition. Your support will allow even more children to have a second chance and to know that they truly matter to this world.
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About LWB

Every child born is important to this world. Every child on earth deserves LOVE.

Unity Initiative In Action

Our Unity Initiative has seen a lot of action lately! We thought now would be a good time to provide some updates on the families that we have committed to helping. Project Spotlight May 2016

It's now been two months since conjoined twins Harley and James had their separation surgery, and they are doing wonderfully. Recently, their parents and grandmother brought them to the hospital in Shanghai for clubfoot repair. Harley and James' parents say that the boys love sleeping together, which is not surprising since they spent so much of their lives connected!    Read more

Project Spotlight May 2016



Ten Years of Heartbridge

A few years after Love Without Boundaries was founded, it became clear that we needed to answer a very important question: What can we do to help children who are ready for discharge from the hospital after surgery, but who aren’t ready to return to an orphanage?  

It was vital that we figure out how to bridge that gap for the most fragile children in our medical program. The answer came in the form of Heartbridge Healing Home which opened its doors in 2006. Read more

Story of the Month - Heartbridge

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Love Without Boundaries provides life-changing surgeries and medical care, runs well monitored foster care programs, operates in-orphanage schools and offers student support, and gives quality formula and nutrition to orphaned and impoverished children. Our programs work together to best meet the needs of the children entrusted to our care. Our partnership with our supporters makes this all possible.

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It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place.
- David Hume