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Love Without Boundaries' goal is to give the most loving and compassionate care possible to orphaned and impoverished children. LWB has many comprehensive programs, providing medical care, foster care, education, and nutrition. Your support will allow even more children to have a second chance and to know that they truly matter to this world.
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About LWB

Safe Haven Foster Care in Cambodia

Can you even imagine how frightened a young child would be to find herself sold by traffickers to a foreign country, not able to understand the local language and being forced to do things no child should ever experience? Love Without Boundaries is now working along the border region of Cambodia to help these children have a safe place to heal. Our new Safe Haven foster care program places children traumatized from trafficking and abuse into sheltered home environments. Through this family care, they receive the nutrition and medical care they need, and they are able to attend school, often for the first time in their lives. 
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The Shoe That Grows

In Uganda, many children attend school in bare feet -- not by choice, but because the cost of a simple pair of shoes is out of reach. Walking barefoot may be common in Uganda, but that does not mean it is healthy.

During recent visits to our Believe in Me Kabale school in Uganda, our team members noticed that the children have poorly fitting or, most commonly, no shoes at all. This has led many of the children to suffer from parasitic infestations and other infections in their toes and feet. Read more here.

The Shoe That Grows Campaign

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Love Without Boundaries provides life-changing surgeries and medical care, runs well monitored foster care programs, operates Believe in Me schools and offers student support, and provides quality nutrition to orphaned and impoverished children. Our programs work together to best meet the needs of the children entrusted to our care. Our partnership with our supporters makes this all possible.


It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place.

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