Top Ten Photos

Please enjoy this year's top ten photos. We sincerely thank each of our supporters for putting their "love in action" and helping make a real difference in each of these children's lives, and hundreds of other children like them.

Number Ten: Beautiful Edurne

LWB Top Ten PhotosBeautiful Edurne is two years old and in LWB's Guizhou Foster Care Program, run by LWB-Spain. Edurne was born with an ASD heart defect, which we are watching carefully to make sure her health remains strong. She has an older foster brother whom she adores, and one of her favorite things is having him carry her in his arms. Edurne loves visiting the local market and can now call out to the elderly people she passes – “Hello grandma! Hello grandpa!" – making her a favorite in the village. We love this photo of her in a summer white dress against the aged background of her foster home wall.



Number Nine: What IS that Thing?

LWB Top Ten PhotosThis photo of Lola at our Heartbridge Healing Home tickled our funny bone. Proving she is way more flexible than we are, she appears to be examining her foot in wonder as if to say, “What IS that thing?” Lola was born with cleft lip and palate, and she had successful lip surgery earlier this year.




Number Eight: Checking Out the New Foster Brother

LWB Top Ten PhotosCurious Etan has been with LWB since he was just a tiny newborn and now lives in our Zhang Village foster care program. This photo was taken soon after Little Joe came to live in the same foster home. Etan was doing a thorough exam of his new baby brother, and we are happy to report that the two get along together beautifully.



Number Seven: Blue Hands Before Heart Surgery

LWB Top Ten PhotosLWB began because of a little boy needing heart surgery. Providing life-saving care remains at the very core of our mission. Earlier this year we learned of a little boy named Fabian whose heart was extremely complex. We moved him as quickly as possible for surgery in Shanghai. This poignant photo was taken right before he underwent surgery, with his oxygen levels so critically low that his fingers and lips were a deep blue. We are happy to report that little Fabian not only recovered, but he has since gone on to be adopted by a family who adores him!


Number Six: Morning Exercises

LWB Top Ten PhotosLWB's Believe in Me schools, located inside orphanages, help kids develop not only intellectually but physically as well. Each morning at our Huainan school, the kids line up for morning exercises and dancing, and we loved this photo of them starting to get warmed up.




Number Five: Baby Carolyn

LWB Top Ten PhotosLWB’s Unity Initiative is all about family preservation, helping to keep impoverished parents and children together by providing life-changing medical care and outreach. Earlier this year we helped provide heart surgery for little Caroline, who recovered beautifully. We thought this was such a tender photo of her being held by her devoted mom shortly after her heart was healed. 




Number Four: Tibetan Family Helped through Unity Initiative

LWB Top Ten PhotosThis past spring we were honored to help six-year-old Samuel (front row center) from the Tibetan plateau. Samuel, born with cleft lip and palate, is one of four children in his family, and we were moved by this beautiful portrait of them together. Due to their limited resources, his parents were unable to provide the surgery he needed. LWB supporters not only funded his surgery but also helped the family purchase yaks to provide for the family's ongoing nutritional needs. In April of this year, Samuel and his father made the long journey from his Tibetan village all the way to Henan Province, where doctors on the 2015 LWB cleft exchange repaired both his lip and palate at the same time.


Number Three: Books Are AWESOME!

LWB Top Ten PhotosPatrick, from LWB’s Medical and Healing Homes Programs, is a little boy who keeps everyone around him in stitches. He is non-stop energy and enthusiasm, which was pretty clear when he first caught a glimpse of a rabbit and monkey. “Hey nanny! This book of animals is AWESOME!”




Number Two: Dr. Clinch Reassuring Billy

LWB Top Ten PhotosWe absolutely love this photo of Dr. Clinch, one of the incredible doctors who have volunteered for LWB, comforting her patient Billy on our 2015 medical trip. Billy was born with a very rare facial cleft, and his surgery was going to be a long and complex one. Dr. Clinch reassured him that everything was going to go beautifully during surgery, and she even sang him to sleep as he went under anesthesia.



Number One: Sharing the Hospital Bed

LWB Top Ten PhotosOur #1 photo of 2015, as chosen by our wonderful supporters, was taken on our 2015 cleft exchange trip in Kaifeng. Little Josiah is from an orphanage in Anhui and was born with bilateral cleft lip. His foster home contacted us to see if he could be healed by LWB’s medical team, and we were honored to help. The nanny who brought him to the trip loved him very much, and after comforting him following his surgery, they both fell asleep together in the bed… a beautiful moment of peace in a busy hospital ward captured forever on film.