Adoption Resources

AdoptionWhile LWB is not an adoption agency, we are passionate about helping every orphaned child possible find a permanent home. We believe that when it comes to adoption, EVERY child deserves a closer look.

Adopt special needs

LWB has created an educational website designed specifically to help more children with special needs find permanent homes.  With videos and information on a wide variety of pediatric medical needs, this website is a great resource for anyone considering adoption.


Adoption grants

When funding is available, LWB offers adoption grants for some of the children in our programs waiting to be adopted who may need extra assistance to receive loving families of their own.

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Adoption information

While LWB is not an adoption agency, we are passionate about helping every orphaned children in our programs find a permanent family whenever possible, whether through domestic or international adoption. Contact our adoption support volunteers for information on getting started or with basic questions. We have compiled some adoption information for the countries where we work.

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Blog series

LWB's blog series "Realistic Expectations" was written to help families preparing to adopt from China and covers some important issues to be considered before travel. Another blog series, "The Changing Face of China's Orphans," examines changes in orphanages and Chinese adoptions.

Request for child information

If you adopted a child who may have been in an LWB program, we are happy to check and send you progress reports and photos we have in our files after you have brought your child home.

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Waiting child videos

LWB has created a series of  waiting child videos to encourage families to take a closer look at children waiting to be adopted.

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