Top Ten Photos

Please enjoy each of this year's top ten photos. We sincerely thank each of our supporters for helping make a real difference in each of these children's lives, and hundreds of other children like them. May these photos remind all of us of the importance of each and every child. "Every Child Counts" 

Number Ten: Nancy in Foster Care

LWB Top Ten PhotosNancy has been in our care for five years, since she still had her umbilical cord! Living first in our healing home until her cleft lip was repaired, she then graduated to LWB foster care. Her monthly reports are filled with tidbits that make us smile, such as "Nancy loves new dresses, jewelry, and being social." This photo captures Nancy with her hair bow and necklace, two things she never likes to leave home without! We are so happy that this beautiful little girl feels so treasured, and we have heard the wonderful news that she has now been chosen for adoption.


Number Nine: Chandler in Her Knit Hat

LWB Top Ten PhotosChandler arrived to our healing home at two weeks of age, diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Thankfully her surgery went beautifully, after which she had plenty of energy to charm everyone she met. When we delivered some hand knit hats to the healing home this spring, Chandler wanted to try on each and every one. We think she has a real future as a model, don't you? Now in foster care, Chandler continues to bloom.





Number Eight: Triple Trouble on the Cleft Trip

LWB Top Ten PhotosLWB held another successful medical exchange in April, with Chinese and American doctors coming together to heal children born with cleft lip and palate. This photo captured a great moment we called "Triple Trouble," as these three little ones from Gansu Province awaited their surgeries. Unfortunately Madeline (on the right) was secretly sneaking little bits of bread to her good buddy, Melissa (in the middle), which disqualified Melissa for surgery that day since she wasn't supposed to have food before anesthesia! Kenny (on the left) looks like he thinks they were all pretty clever to postpone surgery for a bit. Thankfully all three had successful operations later in the week.

Number Seven: Patrick in the ICU

LWB Top Ten PhotosBaby Patrick was brought to the orphanage the same day our CEO was visiting, which allowed us to move him immediately to the hospital when it was discovered that he had anal atresia – a life-threatening medical condition. Patrick was able to have emergency surgery right away, and this photo was taken while he was recovering in the ICU. It was also discovered that Patrick had a heart defect, and we are so happy to report that he came through that surgery beautifully as well.


Number Six: Donny

LWB Top Ten PhotosDonny was born with a condition known as ankyloglossia, where his tongue was tethered to the floor of his mouth. He had surgery earlier this year and then came to stay with us at our Heartbridge Healing Home. Upon arrival he was very weak, and he was unable to put any weight on his legs. The nannies worked hard at giving him lots of 1:1 care and attention, and soon Donny was zooming around the home in his walker. This photo was taken when he was grinning ear to ear over this wonderful accomplishment!


Number Five: Leo Before Surgery

LWB Top Ten PhotosLeo was born with a complex heart defect and came into our hands after being found with severe pneumonia. This tiny little boy settled in well to our healing home and soon was strong enough to undergo open heart surgery. This beautiful image captures a tender moment between Leo and one of his cardiac nurses, as she held him and comforted him prior to his life-changing operation.





Number Four: Michelle's Crinkly Smile

LWB Top Ten PhotosWhen orphanages reach out to us for assistance, they often send a photo and information on the child they are calling about. This past summer we were asked to help a new arrival, who had been born with albinism. When we opened up baby Michelle's photo, we couldn't help but smile. Have you ever seen such a wonderful little grin? We are happy to report that Michelle is doing wonderfully in LWB foster care.



Number Three: Shelby's Smile

LWB Top Ten PhotosBaby Shelby came into our care as a newborn, when her orphanage was concerned that she was unable to feed due to being born with bilateral cleft lip. Our nannies got immediately to work, and thankfully with lots of patience she began to put on weight. We quickly realized that while Shelby was tiny in size, she was HUGE in personality and intelligence. She was like a little ray of sunshine, smiling and dissolving into giggles at every opportunity. We absolute love this picture of her sharing her happiness and contentment with the world!


Number Two: Don't Forget Me

LWB Top Ten PhotosWhen our foster care director visited an orphanage in Anhui Province this year, to see if there were more children who could join our program, this little boy grabbed onto her hand and wouldn't let go. It was like he was saying, "Don't forget me!" We are so happy to report that this gorgeous little guy has been chosen for adoption! Hopefully he will be meeting his forever family in the very near future.





Number One: Beckett and His Nanny

LWB Top Ten PhotosBy an overwhelming majority, this beautiful moment was chosen by our supporters as the number one image for 2014. Beckett came into our hands as a tiny infant, with severe jaundice, pneumonia, and a heart defect. Weighing just six pounds at three months of age, tests showed that he had most likely been born prematurely. Our healing home staff poured their hearts into this little boy, and Beckett absolutely loved being held. In May of this year, Beckett's time on this earth ended when he received his angel wings in heaven. We believe it is an incredible tribute that you have honored this child by selecting his sweet face as the top photograph of the year. Beckett, we will always remember you!