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Uganda is home to over 20 million children, many of whom are orphaned or otherwise vulnerable. The vast majority of Ugandans live in rural areas and earn their living from subsistence agriculture, with half the population living on less than $1 per day. The country’s health indicators are among the lowest in Africa, with almost 7% of children passing away before their fifth birthday. Due to a lack of resources and access to health care, many children in Uganda suffer for years with treatable medical conditions, which often worsen over time. Children who are abandoned or orphaned often end up in crowded orphanages or living on the streets.

LWB has been working in Uganda since 2016. We’re changing lives with the following project areas:

  • Life-saving medical care through our cardiac initiative, which provides heart surgeries to children in-country for simpler heart defects and overseas for those born with complex needs
  • Tuition support for children living in extreme poverty
  • Surgical care for children with medical needs such as cleft lip, hernias, and spina bifida through individual consults as well as medical missions
  • Nutritional intervention for children suffering from malnutrition
  • Carefully monitored foster care for abandoned children
  • Family reunification and strengthening support
  • Home builds for at-risk families, such as widows and single mothers


Uganda medical care
Uganda foster care