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Guatemala is a beautiful country that is deeply impacted by severe poverty. Child labor is common, with many children not receiving education. Only 4% of children living in the rural regions will ever graduate high school.

The country also has a very high rate of malnutrition, with one of two children suffering stunting and other health issues due to chronic hunger.  In the region where LWB works, many children have little access to medical care or quality education. 

LWB has made a commitment to the children in several marginalized communities with the following initiatives:

  • Providing essential nutritional support to impoverished families to overcome chronic childhood malnutrition
  • Delivering pediatric medical services to those who would otherwise go without
  • Empowering teen girls through workshops on self-esteem, puberty, and social equality while providing dignity through feminine supplies
  • Bringing education and art to children in remote villages who are not attending school


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General Support
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Guatemala Food Relief
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