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boy being held

China is home to an estimated 750,000 orphaned children, with millions more living in rural poverty. A high birth defect rate has led to the  abandonment of children born with medical needs; in fact, over 98% of children entering orphanage care today have some sort of medical special need.

LWB began helping children in China in the year 2003. In the years since, LWB has been privileged to help children from over 150 orphanages and from almost every province on the mainland. LWB is changing lives through the following programs in China:

  • Life-saving medical care to both orphaned and rural children
  • On-site family care for orphaned children in Anhui Province
  • Specialized healing homes with full-time care for vulnerable children abandoned with medical needs
  • Tuition support for orphaned children
  • Physical therapy services for children in our rehab hospital healing home


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