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Where We Work

children from different countries

LWB’s ongoing programs are located in Cambodia, China, Guatemala, India, and Uganda.

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Cambodia map

Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia following the brutal genocide by the Khmer Rouge when almost two million people lost their lives. In the rural villages where LWB is now working, many children have little access to medical care or quality education. 

China map

China is home to an estimated 750,000 orphaned children, with millions more living in rural poverty. LWB began helping children in China in the year 2003 Since then, LWB has helped children from over 150 orphanages and from almost every mainland province.

Guatemala map

Guatemala is a beautiful country, sadly burdened by extreme poverty. Child labor is common, with many children not receiving education. The country has a very high rate of malnutrition, with one of two children suffering stunting and other health issues due to chronic hunger.

India map

With 31 million orphaned children and many more children who live in impoverished families, the needs and our opportunities to help in India are endless. We are getting started by providing surgeries, foster care, and specialized care for children with HIV.

Uganda map

Uganda is home to over 20 million children, many of whom are orphaned or otherwise vulnerable. Due to a lack of resources and access to health care, many children in Uganda suffer for years with treatable medical conditions, which often worsen over time.

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