LWB Staff

Executive Team

Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer
Sheri Russon, Chief Financial Executive
Kelly Wolfe, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships
Arlene Howard, Managing Director of Cambodia Programs
Brandi Davis, Managing Director of China Programs
Christina Lindseth, Managing Director of Uganda Programs
Meredith Toering, Director of International Cardiac Care
Marcy Selander, Administrative Liaison
Barbara Neiberg, Communications Liaison

Volunteer Program Managers (listed alphabetically)

Kristin Arabally, India Foster Care Manager
Brooke Bell, Cambodia Believe in Me School Manager
Julia Bennett, Uganda Healing Home Manager
Kirstin Clark, China Medical Manager
Lana Collet-Klingenberg, China Education Manager
Mari Davidson, Nutrition Manager
Kelli Eckert, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
Jean Gabarra, China Healing Homes Manager
Sandi Glass, Adoption Support Manager
Jennifer MacAller, Cambodia Early Childhood Development Manager
Meg Montgomery, Adoption Advocacy Manager
Linda Phillipps, China Healing Home Manager
Allison Roark, Unity Initiative Manager
Amanda Spangler, Safe Haven Foster Care Manager
Lori Trumbo, Cambodia Medical Manager
Victoria Tucker, China Foster Care Manager
Claire Van Wingerden, Cambodia Impoverished Student Support Manager
Kirsten Vizjak, China and Uganda Foster Care Manager
Jennifer Webster, China and Uganda Foster Care Manager
Nancy Williams, Information Services Manager