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Our Model

LWB’s five principles of permanency

man with children in front of landfill

From the very beginning of LWB, we’ve worked in partnership with local citizens on the ground to change the lives of vulnerable children. Each project around the globe is run by people who grew up in-country, as the best solutions to the challenges children face are developed in the local community. By working together, we empower each other to create a lasting impact.

We believe that every child on earth deserves a permanent, caring family of his or her own. To that end, we follow this child-centered pathway:

  • Empower the local community to identify children at risk of abandonment, abuse, and neglect, and provide support to strengthen family bonds when possible
  • Search for birth parents separated from children through relinquishment or abandonment, and plan for safe and healthy reunifications
  • Create kinship care plans with extended family members when children cannot be reunited with birth parents
  • Strengthen local foster care systems and encourage domestic adoption for children who are unable to live with biological families
  • Advocate for permanency through international adoption when a domestic placement is improbable