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Volunteer Team

At the heart of our charity’s success are the amazing volunteers from around the world who work every single day to make sure the children in our programs receive the best care possible. While LWB has a small number of paid staff to oversee charity operations, the majority of our programs are volunteer run. Each year, over 150 volunteers give their time and their hearts to help children in need, monitoring children’s progress, writing lesson plans, updating sponsors, and so much more.

From an LWB volunteer:

Volunteering with LWB is like being part of a close-knit family — together we celebrate each triumph, mourn each loss, and strive to do better every day. I feel personally connected to the children we help, though they are half a world away.

Interested in volunteering?

Team leaders

Emily Bollinger, Rangsei Early Childhood Development
Kirstin Clark, China and Guatemala Medical
Gail Crawford, Uganda Medical
Troy Curtis, China On-site Family Care
Mari Davidson, Nutrition
Ophelia Dunk, Guatemala Education
Jean Gabarra, China Healing Home
Sandi Glass, Adoption Support
Betty Kelley, Cambodia Foster Care
Jennifer MacAller, Sokhem Early Childhood Development
Mary Mickelson, China On-site Family Care
Meg Montgomery, Adoption Advocacy
Kim Nguyen, Believe in Me Cambodia Schools
Belinda Ossip, International Medical
Linda Phillipps, China Healing Home
Allison Roark, Unity Initiative
Julia Robinson, International Medical
Jessica Schlitzkus, Safe Haven Foster Care
Lori Trumbo, Cambodia Medical
Victoria Tucker, Dara Foster Care
Claire Van Wingerden, Cambodia Impoverished Student Support
Kirsten Vizjak, Uganda Foster Care
Jennifer Webster, Uganda Foster Care
Nancy Williams, Information Services  

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