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Administrative staff

Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Neiberg, Communications and Social Media Liaison
Rebecca Radicchi, Instagram Liaison
Sheri Russon, Chief Financial Executive
Marcy Selander, Administrative Liaison
Kelly Wolfe, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships

Program staff

Kristin Arabally, Managing Director of India Programs
Julia Bennett, Managing Director of Guatemala Programs
Suhita Biswas, Assistant Director of India Programs
Vijohn Chea, Believe in Me Cambodia School Manager
Eliya Chhoeung, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
Sarima Chuon, Sokhem Early Childhood Development Center Manager
Brandi Davis, Managing Director of China Programs
Arlene Howard, Managing Director of Cambodia Programs
Sokleng In, Director of Cambodia Programs
Sarah Ingariat, Pakwach Foster Care Manager
Sharon Karungi, Uganda Medical Nurse Coordinator
Tora Ket, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
Joseph Kihumuro, Uganda Foster Care Director
Leat Lann, Cambodia Education Manager
Christina Lindseth, Managing Director of Uganda Programs
Sarah Namukasa, Uganda Foster Care Manager
Aun Srey Nich, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
Chao Srey Noch, Cambodia Dara Foster Care Assistant
Peace Okong, Mukono Foster Care Manager
Moreen Pak, Pakwach Foster Care Manager
Chum Pao, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
Piseth Phalla, Believe in Me Cambodia School Manager
Leakena Ran, Rangsei Early Childhood Development Center Manager
Anupam Sarkar, Director of India Programs
Sokhoeurn Say, Cambodia Medic
Joyce Ssejjuuko, Assistant Director of Uganda Programs
Ronald Ssejjuuko, Director of Uganda Programs
Stephy Stephan, India Medical Consultant
Navin Yen, Cambodia Medical Assistant and Administrator
Srey You Yim, Cambodia Foster Care Manager
David Zhang, Director of China Programs