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Real Impact

Over 80,000 children have been helped 

child with mouth open

Your donation truly makes a difference

In everything we do, our goal is to be AUTHENTIC in our programs and reporting. We have all given to charities that never contacted us again on how our funds were used, and we’ve all read news stories on charities that somehow lose track of money entrusted to them or use smoke and mirrors to report results. That is not who we are.

When you give to LWB, we want you to know the impact you have made on the lives of children.

We want you to know there isn’t a black hole into which your funds disappear; instead there are amazing kids in our programs who directly benefit from your kindness.  

Our CEO has set a standard of unimpeachable ethics for everything we do. We make decisions as if the children in our care were our own sons and daughters. We know our work does not just magically happen. Every piece of LWB is a direct result of wonderful people like you getting involved to make a difference, and we never take that for granted.

Program results

  • 12,000 pediatric medical cases and evaluations, with 5,500+ surgeries and hospitalizations
  • 287,000 hot meals served through our school lunch program
  • 3,740 children placed into foster homes
  • 7,400 children given access to education
  • 30,000 children fed through Covid food relief efforts
  • 990 children given specialized care in our healing homes
  • 1,350 orphaned children enrolled in summer camps
  • 30,000 cleft bottles distributed to orphanages and maternity hospitals
  • 47,000 coats and blankets distributed to orphaned and rural children
  • 770 special projects completed, including new cribs, playgrounds, wheelchair projects, and more
  • 21 physical therapy trainings, including two at the national level
  • 13 homes built for single mothers and their children
  • 7 special education trainings
  • 21 medical exchanges between physicians in the US, China, Cambodia, India, and Uganda
  • 3,000 copies of our Manual of Special Needs distributed to orphanages

Hear from those who have been helped

teen boy
“There are nine people in my family so there wasn’t enough money for me and my sister to go to school before LWB. I love coming to school now as I learn so much here. I’ve made lots of friends and get to have lunch, too.”
Jason, a student at LWB’s Believe in Me School
smiling girl with headband
“Before I went to LWB’s school, I couldn’t read or write, but now I can read great. I love school so much. The teachers here are very kind and respectful.”
Caroline, a student at LWB’s Believe in Me School
smiling girl
“I’m happy the LWB tuk tuk can pick me up for school each day as it’s not safe for me to walk alone through the jungle to get to school. I love the hot lunch program at the LWB school because I don’t get enough to eat at home. I think the food is really delicious!
Anita, a student at LWB’s Believe in Me School
teen girl in medical jacket with stethoscope
“I am really proud of LWB’s scholarship, which allowed me to become the first person in my struggling family to attend university. I am enrolled in a pharmacy program, and when I graduate, I plan to help others in need, just like I was helped.”
Megan, a university student in LWB’s Education Program
teen boy
“Thanks to LWB, I am now studying electronic engineering at university. I love studying, and I know my degree will help me for the rest of my life. Without this opportunity, I would probably have to cross the border to work on a construction site. Now through education, I will have the skills and knowledge to have a bright future for me and my family.”
Paul, a university student in LWB’s Education Program
foster care mother with child
“I, myself, experienced many hardships as a child. I became a foster mom because I want to help other children escape from a difficult life like mine. To be a foster mom means not only feeding and caring for a child, it means bringing the warmth of a family and real hope so a child can grow up healthy and well educated.”
Foster mother in LWB’s Foster Care Program
smiling mother holding baby
“Thank you LWB for giving my baby the chance to live! I am so grateful for the successful heart surgery she received because of you. My entire family is so thankful for your help and support. A few short sentences are not enough for me to fully share my appreciation for LWB. Thank you for the good work to save the little ones in my country, Uganda.”
Mother of Jerusha, helped through LWB’s Medical Care Program
nanny holding child
“From the first hug we give to a baby upon arrival to the last kiss when they graduate and we must say goodbye, we get to see the fragile baby grow and learn to trust and smile again. We feel so happy to see he or she gets a second life. The day we see a child off for their life is always one filled with such mixed emotions. We feel so sad to say goodbye to a child we have cared for, but we are happy for them that they get so much love and care from around the world. This makes me feel my job is so meaningful.”
Nanny in LWB’s Healing Homes Program

From parents adopting children who were in LWB care:

Love Without Boundaries supported all of my daughter’s needs beginning with cleft lip repair surgery at 8 months old, enrolling her in foster care at 12 months old, and paying for preschool at age 4.  Her foster family’s love and her preschool experience eased her transition to her life post-adoption.

We are forever grateful to the Love Without Boundaries foster program in Changzhi. They provided our daughter with a foster home full of love and joy. We believe this is a huge part of what made her transition into our family so smooth. She is a child filled with joy and love overflows from her. We know this is because of the love she received while in LWB care.

Thanks to the treasure trove of photos and reports we received from LWB after our daughter’s adoption, she has a beautiful lifebook bursting with information we would not have had otherwise. This is crucial to our daughter and her identity as she explores and makes meaning of her story.

LWB changed the lives of two little girls by providing life altering surgery for them in their first year of life. They then became part of our family and changed the course of our lives forever, in ways we only dreamt might occur.

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