Board of Directors

All Board members except emeritus members are independent voting members.

Dan Ellsbury, M.D.Dan Ellsbury, MD:  Chair

September 2013 to Present
Dan Ellsbury is a neonatologist at Mercy Children's Hospitals and Clinics in Des Moines, Iowa, and the national director of quality improvement for a large physician practice company called Pediatrix Medical Group. He also performs clinical research with the NIH through his affiliation with the University of Iowa as an adjunct associate clinical professor of pediatrics. Dan and his wife, Lisa, have 13 children, including six who have been adopted from China.

LWB Board of DirectorsTony McQuinn:  Vice Chair

March 2015 to Present
Tony McQuinn, his wife Mary and their five children live in the San Francisco Bay area. Tony has over 20 years of international technology and patent licensing experience and has been traveling to China on business for over 15 years. In his current position as a Director of Standards Licensing, he works with companies from all over the world in the development of technical standards organizations and joint patent licensing programs. The McQuinns have two biological sons and then began their adoption journey in 2008 with the adoption of an infant daughter from Korea, followed shortly by an infant son, also from Korea, the following year. Tony first came in contact with LWB while adopting an older daughter from China in 2013. Since then he has continued to advocate for the children in his daughter's Believe in Me school as well as for other LWB children in China.

Jason Ayres, MDJason Ayres

February 2015 to Present
Jason Ayres is a family practice physician from Southside, Alabama who enjoys caring for everyone from babies to the elderly and has been the medical director of a community hospice program. Jason became acquainted with LWB through our Heartbridge Healing Home when he was volunteering at New Hope Foundation in China in 2013. He and his wife Lauren have eight children, four of whom were adopted from China.

Lisa EllsburyLisa Ellsbury

March 2015 to Present
Lisa Ellsbury has devoted her life to being a mom to kids with severe and complex medical problems. She has a special place in her heart for the many orphaned children she has seen in China and has become an active blogger ( and advocate for adoption of orphans with special needs. She has connected with a large and generous network of families who have felt the call to care for “the least of these." Lisa and her husband Dan currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa with their 13 children.

Andrew FoneLWB Board of Directors

November 2015 to Present
 Fone is a filmmaker and founder of Pearl River Productions and has made several documentaries focusing on China.  He is also the father of two teenage girls adopted from the Middle Kingdom:  Olivia and Julia.  As his children grew older and started asking questions about the land of their birth, he realized countless other adoptees were probably wondering the same things.  Thus began his quest to answer at least some of those questions and the result is a series of films that focus on a family in a rural village in Anhui province.  Over the last several years, Andrew and his wife Jessica have become more involved in LWB and through his many trips he has had the opportunity to visit orphanages and healing houses and see first hand the incredible work the organization is doing.  The Fone family live on the sandy shores of Cape Cod with their overweight black lab who enjoys swimming in the salty sea every morning no matter the weather.

Ben GlassBen Glass

August 2009 to Present
Ben Glass is an attorney and entrepreneur in Fairfax, Virginia ( He is the father of nine children, four of whom have been adopted from China. He and his wife, Sandi, are very involved in adoption education and advocacy and are a prime source of information for parents thinking about adoption. In addition to his law practice he runs a marketing and consulting firm teaching lawyers how to market and grow their practices more effectively. Ben is the author of numerous consumer and business books.

LWB Board of Directors   Joanne Owyang

March 2015 to Present
Joanne Owyang was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US with her family at age five. She has enjoyed a successful career in accounting and finance and is currently the CFO of TechSpace, a nationwide provider of flexible office space and technology infrastructure for small to mid-sized companies. Joanne lives with her husband Jason and their three children in Orange County, California. Their younger son and daughter were adopted from China as toddlers. Joanne was first introduced to LWB when they were paper-chasing process for their first adoption.  Fluent in Mandarin, Joanne is committed to raising her children to be bilingual. She loves China, reading, and traveling with her family.   

LWB Board of DirectorsAllen Sockwell

May 2012 to Present
Allen Sockwell is the founder of Sockwell Performance Advisors, an enterprise performance consulting firm. His work centers on assessing organization capability and developing strategies to improve leadership effectiveness and financial performance. Allen has a BS degree in General Management from Purdue University and has continued his professional development at the Harvard Business School, London Business School, and Columbia University. He resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and five children. His daughters Brooke and Macy were adopted from China. Macy was cared for by Love Without Boundaries in the True Children's Healing Home.

LWB Board of DirectorsRobert Spires

November 2016 - present
Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ W. Spires is an Assistant Professor of Education at Valdosta State University in Georgia.
  He lives in Watkinsville, Georgia with his lovely wife Amy, who is a school social worker, and his amazing daughter Jane Claire. Dr. Spires was a public school teacher for many years before going into higher education.  His research interests originally focused on Mexican immigrant issues in the Southeastern United States, but after discovering many cases of human trafficking of Latin American and other immigrant groups to the United States, he began to turn his focus to human trafficking.   Dr. Spires conducted his PhD research on small-scale NGO shelter/schools in Thailand from 2009-2012.  Since this time, Dr. Spires has continued to work in Southeast Asia with NGOs using education to address marginalized youth, particularly those at-risk of human trafficking. 

LWB Board of DirectorsBrigitte Wang

December 2015 to Present
Brigitte Wang, her husband Park and son Steve have lived in the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2008 when her husband was relocated by his company from their hometown of Shanghai, China. Brigitte is the founder of Shanghai Shoulders Consulting where she uses her human resource management expertise acquired throughout her career in multinational companies to help China local enterprises to recruit, retain and develop talents for their fast-growing business needs. Brigitte is able to find new fun by teaching Mandarin in a Charlotte local charter school and multiple after school programs, where she promotes cultural diversity and inclusion to kids. Brigitte is actively involved in LWB’s China initiatives and helps to bridge two sides of the world with her deep China roots.

LWB Board of DirectorsDon White

May 2006 to Present
Don White and his wife, Grace, are the parents of twin daughters, Reagan YaYun and Sydney YaQiu, adopted from Jiaozuo, Henan. Sydney and Reagan are cleft affected and were two of some 30 children who had their lips repaired on the very first LWB cleft trip in May 2004. Don and Grace are strong advocates on behalf of cleft affected children. Don is the founder and CEO of Treasure Coast Financial Services, a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Stuart, Florida. His involvement with the MDRT Foundation has resulted in several grants assisting LWB programs.

LWB Board of DirectorsPaul Duggan, Emeritus Chair

Paul Duggan is the president of Chicago-based Jackson Boulevard Capital Management and the adoptive father to twin daughters from the Anhui Province. Paul has been active in supporting projects to improve the lives of orphaned children in China since 2003, and the entire Duggan family is actively involved in LWB's mission of healing children.