Board of Directors and CEO

All Board members except emeritus members are independent voting members.  LWB's Chief Executive Officer is not a voting member of the Board to ensure fiduciary oversight and best practices in charity governance.

LWB Board of DirectorsJoanne Owyang, Board Chair

March 2015 to Present
Joanne Owyang has enjoyed a successful career in accounting and finance and is currently the CFO of Luxury Card, with offices in the US, Japan, China, and Europe. Joanne lives with her husband Jason and their three children in Orange County, California. Their younger son and daughter were adopted from China as toddlers. Joanne was first introduced to LWB when they were in the paper-chasing process for their first adoption.

LWB Board of DirectorsAlan Dahl, Board Vice Chair

June 2018 to Present
Alan Dahl has been in the business of growing healthcare companies for the last 30 years. He started in the post-acute space and has founded or actively participated in the leadership of several healthcare companies both in the private and public settings. He co-founded a private equity firm that exclusively focuses on working with small and mid-sized healthcare companies and this has been his focus for the last half of his healthcare career. Alan and his wife, Carol, are based in Atlanta, have four wonderful children, and are blessed with four grandchildren. They have a long and active involvement in international adoption and children’s charities.

LWB Board of DirectorsAlisa Chan

June 2020 to Present
Alisa Chan was born in Cambodia and spent her first 15 years of life there. She now resides in Jacksonville, Florida, and is a dedicated wife and mother to two wonderful children. Alisa majored in accounting in college with a minor in finance. For the past 20 years, Alisa has shared her time and knowledge to help those in need, especially the Cambodian community in Jacksonville.

LWB Board of DirectorsPaul Duggan

August 2003 to Present
Paul Duggan is the president of Chicago-based Jackson Capital Management LLC and the adoptive father to twin daughters from the Anhui Province of China. Jackson Capital manages several hedge funds that specialize in income lending and private equity. He was the first chairman of Love Without Boundaries. Paul and his family have been active since 2003 in supporting projects improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China and Cambodia, as well as supporting LWB's overall mission to help heal children.

LWB Board of DirectorsDan Ellsbury, MD

September 2013 to Present
Dan Ellsbury is a neonatologist at Mercy Children's Hospitals and Clinics in Des Moines, Iowa, and the national director of quality improvement for a large physician practice company called Pediatrix Medical Group. He also performs clinical research with the NIH through his affiliation with the University of Iowa as an adjunct associate clinical professor of pediatrics. Dan and his wife, Lisa, have 16 children, including ten who have been adopted from China.

Lisa EllsburyLWB Board of Directors

March 2015 to Present
Lisa Ellsbury has devoted her life to being a mom to kids with severe and complex medical problems. She has a special place in her heart for the many orphaned children she has seen in China and has become an active blogger ( and advocate for adoption of orphans with special needs. She has connected with a large and generous network of families who have felt the call to care for “the least of these." Lisa and her husband Dan currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa with their 16 children.

LWB Board of DirectorsBen Glass

August 2009 to Present
Ben Glass is an attorney and entrepreneur in Fairfax, Virginia ( He is the father of nine children, four of whom have been adopted from China. He and his wife, Sandi, are very involved in adoption education and advocacy and are a prime source of information for parents thinking about adoption. In addition to his law practice he runs a marketing and consulting firm teaching lawyers how to market and grow their practices more effectively. Ben is the author of numerous consumer and business books.

LWB Board of DirectorsCharlie Guo

June 2020 to Present
Charlie Guo is an analyst at Nissan North America, focusing on pricing, marketing strategy,and development. He has always been interested in social psychology, economics, and technology. Born in China, he is passionate about multicultural matters, China, and helping people across the world. Charlie was first introduced to LWB from his wife, who also has a passion for China. Charlie lives with his wife and kids outside Nashville, Tennessee.

LWB Board of DirectorsJennifer LaBahn, MD

June 2018 to Present
Jennifer LaBahn is a pediatrician who lives in Oklahoma with her husband Jacob and their six children. Jennifer began her medical career in the Army, providing inpatient and outpatient pediatric care to children of US service members. She also deployed to southern Afghanistan to provide combat medical care to US soldiers during Operation Enduring Freedom. For the past several years Jennifer has provided medical and developmental consults to families in the international adoption process. She loves LWB’s programs that support family preservation, good nutrition and medical care, quality education, safe foster care, and adoption advocacy. She believes strongly in the LWB motto that “Every Child Counts.”

LWB Board of DirectorsMarla Louie

May 2018 to Present
Marla Louie is from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is married to Sam and both are retired health care professionals. They have three adult married children and two grandchildren. Marla volunteers at the local food bank and is an active volunteer in her church community. She has been to Cambodia several times and is an avid supporter in educating the children and youth in several villages where LWB has a presence.

LWB Board of DirectorsWilliam Messerschmidt, MD

June 2018 to Present
Bill Messerschmidt is a cardiothoracic surgeon with Ballad Health Systems, in Bristol, Tennessee. He is Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Quillen College of Medicine of East Tennessee State University. He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife Bonnie, who is a nurse practitioner. Together they have five children, including two grown sons and three girls adopted from China, and two grandchildren. He and his family are very involved with their church, their children’s school and extracurricular activities, and organizations, such as LWB that support international adoption and underprivileged children.

LWB Board of DirectorsAmisha Patel

June 2020 to Present
Amisha (Amy) Patel is an executive for corporate healthcare companies focused on orthopaedic surgery. Amy was on the clinical side working in sports medicine and completed a research fellowship in spine surgery, focusing on trauma and degenerative issues. She then migrated to the corporate side working in total joint replacement, pain management, and adipose tissue therapies for patients not ready for major surgery. Amy has published over 200+ articles and eight books. Amy resides in New York City, along with her multiple foster animals. She has been passionately involved with supporting underprivileged and orphaned children around the world and believes in LWB's motto, "Every Child Counts".

LWB Board of DirectorsBob Spires, PhD

November 2016 to Present
Dr. Bob Spires is an assistant professor at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, in the Department of Graduate Education. He specializes in research on nonprofits using education to address social issues, such as human trafficking and poverty in Asia. He lives with his wife, Amy, and daughter, Jane Claire, in the Richmond area. He has assisted LWB with program development, as well as monitoring and evaluating programs in Cambodia and Uganda.

LWB Board of DirectorsDon White

May 2006 to Present
Don White and his wife, Grace, are the parents of twin daughters, Reagan YaYun and Sydney YaQiu, adopted from Jiaozuo, Henan. Sydney and Reagan are cleft affected and were two of some 30 children who had their lips repaired on the very first LWB cleft trip in May 2004. Don and Grace are strong advocates on behalf of cleft affected children. Don is the founder and CEO of Treasure Coast Financial Services, a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Stuart, Florida. His involvement with the MDRT Foundation has resulted in several grants assisting LWB programs.

LWB Board of DirectorsAmy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer 

Amy founded Love Without Boundaries in 2003 and has led efforts to create and implement life-changing projects for orphaned and impoverished children in multiple countries.  Amy believes firmly that passionate and committed people have the power to change the world and sees a key part of her job as supporting and encouraging volunteers around the globe to manage LWB's many program areas.  Amy is the author of The Heart of an Orphan, which chronicles how one tiny baby with heart disease inspired a movement to help vulnerable children worldwide.