The Power of Hope

When you live out the belief that “Every Child Counts,” you never give up on the healing power of LOVE.

Vulnerable kids like Rena in Cambodia, Ryder in China, Lucia in Uganda, and Nita in India, whose stories are shown below, are the inspiration behind our annual campaign this holiday season. Each day we work with children living in such difficult situations and get to see first-hand the amazing results that occur when the LWB community steps forward in love.

You can bring real hope to orphaned and impoverished children who have lived through trauma, sickness, and neglect. It’s your help that makes their transformations possible. Our essential work only happens because of your kindness, and we never take that for granted. Your gift of $50, $100, or more will directly impact their lives.

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The Power of HopeTen-year-old Rena was worried. She’d been left in charge of her three little brothers for over a week while her mom went searching for work. They’d been sleeping along the Cambodian border on public land, after fleeing to escape domestic violence. Their meager food supplies had been out for days. Rena knew she had to be brave, but she was just so tired. She hoped the creek water she was giving the baby would fill his stomach enough to make the cries of hunger stop.   

As Rena began sharing more of her story with our team, we knew that simply leaving rice and food supplies was not enough for this anguished little girl. Instead, we made a promise to Rena and her little brothers that LWB would bring new hope to their lives.

Rena shyly told us she’d never been to school since she had to serve as her brothers’ caregiver, but she dreamed of someday learning to read. Her brittle, yellow hair was a clear sign of malnutrition, and our medic confirmed the children’s poor health status. The baby weighed just 11 pounds at 8 months of age.

Today Rena and her brothers are all enrolled in our life-changing children’s programs. They now spend their days at our Sokhem Village campus, where they receive hot, nutritious meals and continuous encouragement from our caring staff and teachers.

The Power of Hope

The Power of HopeWhen little Ryder first came into our hands, he was a tiny preemie with pneumonia who was urgently placed on a ventilator. Because of his fragile state and the risk of COVID, Ryder ended up spending four months in the hospital before discharging to our healing home. The LWB nannies made sure his every need was met, holding and feeding him carefully to help him regain his strength.

This year we have cared for so many children like Ryder who would not be on this earth today without the life-saving interventions that you make possible.

The Power of HopeThis fall LWB held our very first medical mission in the city of Mbarara, Uganda, helping 300 precious kids receive needed surgeries. One of the beautiful children who came to see the medical team was 5-year-old Lucia, whose eyes became infected as a toddler. Because of her impoverished family’s inability to pay for medical care, the spreading infection went untreated. Tragically doctors soon felt nothing more could be done except to remove the little girl’s eyes.

A few months after losing her sight, Lucia’s abdomen began to swell from a large hernia that needed urgent surgery. But once again, the family’s poverty stopped her care. For two years Lucia lived in pain, until our special medical mission finally brought her relief. With joy in her heart, Lucia stood on the hospital ward the morning after her surgery and sang the sweetest song of praise for our team. When she told us she dreamed of going to school despite being blind, we also assured this special little girl that as soon as schools reopen in Uganda, we’ll make sure she gets an education.

The Power of Hope
LWB impacted the lives of hundreds of orphaned children like Nita in India through our many program areas this past year. Our foster care initiative in rural Odisha just had its first anniversary, and the children are thriving in family-based care. Our work with children who have HIV continued in southeast India as well. At the Pari Healing Home, we make certain that orphaned children who are HIV-positive receive essential medical care, nutrition, and a chance at education. Additionally, when the pandemic caused local donations at a dozen crowded orphanages to dry up, LWB stepped in with emergency food relief to ensure over 500 children would not go hungry.


that despite all the challenges our world might be facing...
when we come together to help the most vulnerable, love always prevails.