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Education for a Brighter Future

TeamLWB fundraiser to help children

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About Education for a Brighter Future

Dear Family and Friends,

Please join us in helping the underprivileged children in Cambodia attain an education that they deserve. Our goal through this campaign is to help provide the necessary books, uniforms, and other school supplies that the children require. In joining hands with Love Without Boundaries, we were able to identify schools in Cambodia that could use our help to make sure that the children have access to the education that they deserve. Rangsei and Sokhem schools in Cambodia are owned and operated by Love Without Boundaries. With our contributions, they will be able to provide textbooks, art supplies, school supplies and play equipment for the kids who are currently enrolled in the schools. Every penny counts in helping a child’s dream come true. Let’s come together and give them a better future.

Anusri & Neel