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Medical Care Sponsorship: Sophia

help children in China with medical care
2% of Goal Raised
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About Sophia

Five-year-old Sophia was born with cleft lip and palate. Her family was able to arrange for surgery to repair her lip when she was still a baby. Their doctors recommended she have palate surgery while she was still a toddler, but, since her father is the only member of the family who is able to work, they have been unable to save enough money. Now Sophia is in school, and her language development has been impacted by her unrepaired palate. The other children have been unkind to her when she speaks, which has impacted her confidence. Unfortunately, her parents are no closer to being able to afford surgery; so the hospital helped them apply to our Unity Initiative, which provides medical care for children from impoverished families. Sophia’s surgery is scheduled for later this month. Would you consider giving a donation in any amount to help with the costs of Sophia’s palate repair?