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Medical Care Sponsorship: Gabrielle

help children in China with medical care, cleft surgery
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About Gabrielle

Little Gabrielle is 4 months old. She lives with her parents and grandparents in Gansu Province. Her father has an urban Hukou; so he does not have any farm land and also struggles to find a stable job to provide for his family. Sometimes he works on construction sites or helps neighbors with farm work. When Gabrielle’s mother was pregnant with her, a prenatal exam revealed the baby’s cleft lip. They have worried about being able to afford Gabrielle’s lip surgery, but at a recent consultation the doctor told the family about LWB. They wrote in their application, “We love our baby girl and hope she can be a healthy baby. We will be very grateful if you could help us with the surgery.” Your donation in any amount will help give baby Gabrielle a new smile.


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