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Medical Care Sponsorship: Gabriel

help children in China with medical care, heart surgery, cardiac care
64% of Goal Raised
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About Gabriel

Two-year-old Gabriel lives with his parents, grandparents, and two young uncles. His grandmother was in an accident on her construction site job several years ago that left her unable to work. Gabriel’s grandfather stays home to care for her, and both of Gabriel’s parents left home to find migrant work to provide for the family. Gabriel is cared for by his grandparents while his parents are away working.  Due to his ventricular septal defect, he is often ill and has had numerous hospitalizations and medical treatments. These expenses have placed a heavy burden on the family. A recent examination showed that surgery is necessary to repair Gabriel’s heart. His parents write in their application for assistanc, that they hope their son will live a healthy life like other children. Please consider sponsoring Gabriel’s heart surgery so that this hope may become a reality. Your donation in any amount will be appreciated.

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