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Healing Homes Sponsorship: Kirstin

sponsor a child in China healing home
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About Kirstin

Only a couple of weeks old and alone in the world, Kirstin found herself in need of immediate medical care for pneumonia. Her orphanage reached out to us and asked if LWB could help. We arranged for Kirstin to go to the hospital right away, where she received care and attention to help her recover from her illness. When the time came for her to be discharged, we asked if she could come to our China Healing Home for extra love and care because we know how important a warm and loving homelike environment is for babies like Kirstin. We are so happy that her orphanage agreed. Now Kirstin is in need of several sponsors to support her care in our healing home.

Shared child sponsorships of $25 per month are also available. If you are interested in a shared sponsorship, please simply change the default amount to $25 per month when making your donation. Thank you!