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About Brad

Brad is a young man with a mission: to be a “modern farmer” and use his knowledge to help other farmers in his community in rural Cambodia. Brad lives on a small plot of land with his aging parents and younger sister. After a traffic accident two years ago, his father has been unable to work the land and his two older siblings have worked across the border in Thailand to support the family. Although only 55% of high school age youth attend school, Brad has persisted. His efforts paid off this past summer when he graduated from high school and then passed the rigorous Cambodian National Exam for high school graduates, qualifying him to attend university.

Passionate and thoughtful about the plight of farmers in his community, Brad would like to attend Battambang University for a four-year degree in agriculture. He plans to work to cover his living expenses, but tuition for university is beyond his reach. Your sponsorship of $500 will cover a year’s tuition for this aspiring farmer. Your donation in any amount is also welcome to help toward this young man's tuition expense. Sponsors will receive regular photos and updates on Brad's progress.