Story of the Month: Rebecca's Story

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015

Rebecca's Story

At age 13, Rebecca was already a beautiful young lady when we opened our Believe in Me orphanage school in Huainan in the fall of 2007. At that time, Rebecca had recovered from heart surgery and was attending public school. She received tutoring services through LWB, which meant that she returned to the orphanage mid-day for lunch, and the teachers helped her then as well as in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Even though she attended a public school, Rebecca joined the Believe in Me students on field trips and loved each one!

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015

To help Rebecca and the other older students have a good environment in which to study, LWB helped to purchase several desks and created a “library” of sorts at the orphanage. At one point, a generous donor provided Rebecca and another student with custom violins. Rebecca took lessons, although she eventually decided that her interests lay elsewhere.

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015In the fall of 2011, Rebecca took a huge step and began attending a school in the city where she lived during the week and returned to the orphanage on weekends, summertime, and holidays. Although she had roommates and a pretty strict routine, she experienced much more freedom than at the orphanage. While at school, LWB provided Rebecca with a cell phone, coats, school supplies, etc.  Rebecca worked very hard at school. She was very determined to do as well as she possibly could. Rebecca enjoyed her friends at the school but remained focused on educational success!

During the summer, LWB helped Rebecca and the other older orphaned students from Huainan by connecting them with a local family where they were taught about different life skills including buying food, preparing, and cooking meals.

Rebecca decided to pursue working with children as a career, and during the entire 2014-2015 school year she interned at a preschool/kindergarten in Anhui’s capital city of Hefei. Rebecca lived with other teachers in an apartment near the school and worked at the school during the day. Since the orphanage is her “family home”, she returned for summertime and holidays though not as often for weekends.

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015

We are very proud to report that Rebecca loves her job and is remaining in the position now that she has completed school! Rebecca has always been a great role model for younger children, and they seem to absolutely love her. She got along with everyone at the orphanage and really wanted to have a career she enjoyed. And, now she does!

LWB Story of the Month - August 2015Several weeks ago, Rebecca participated in the Life Skills Camp and had a wonderful experience. She wrote the following in a letter:

I thank the foundation for giving me this chance to let me learn a lot in this summer camp, and to let me make many friends. This journey has left everyone with wonderful memories, memories that will let me remember each bit of my trip to Beijing.

Rebecca wants LWB sponsors to know that she is working in a private kindergarten as a teacher now. She loves her job and enjoys the kids. This incredible and resilient young woman has made the best of a difficult beginning in life and is ready to start her adult life with a great attitude. We are very thankful to the sponsors who have supported our efforts in Huainan as well as Rebecca's education over the years. We know Rebecca is going to have such a positive influence on other orphaned children like herself!