Story of the Month: Penny

LWB Story of the Month Jan2015Penny for Our Thoughts

Back in mid November, we were contacted by a group of parents who had recently visited an orphanage in western China. They had met many incredible kids, but there was one little girl with bilateral cleft lip whom they were especially concerned about. Penny, as she came to be called, was seven months old but weighed just 9 pounds. Her nannies had explained that she really struggled to keep formula down, and so they were worried she might have severe reflux or an intestinal issue.

We discussed this little girl’s condition with the orphanage director, and he agreed for her to move to one of our healing homes, so she could have a full medical check up and specialized formula if needed. Little Penny arrived to our Anhui Healing Home in December, and our nannies got right to work with small feedings and lots of TLC.

LWB Story of the Month Jan2015

Within just a few weeks, the nannies told us that an incredible transformation had taken place.  Penny had managed to gain over two pounds in that short amount of time.  They wrote: “She now looks like a complete different baby. She is very energetic and can hold her head very high up during tummy time. She now also attempts to move forward to reach toys placed in front of her.”LWB Story of the Month Jan2015

We are so thankful that babies who struggle with feeding issues can be cared for in our healing homes. Penny is now over the needed weight to have her cleft lip surgery, which we will hopefully arrange for her right after Chinese New Year. This beautiful little girl sure doesn’t require a “penny for our thoughts,” does she? 

We are sure everyone is thinking the same thing:  “Penny……you are truly WONDERFUL!”