Success Stories

LWB Nutrition Program March 2015

Before life-changing cleft surgery can take place, babies must reach a healthy weight. 

While  gaining weight doesn't sound like a difficult challenge, babies born with cleft lip and palate struggle to feed and often do not take in enough calories to thrive and gain weight. 

With our next Cleft Exchange coming up in just one month, orphanages are reaching out to LWB with babies that they hope we will be able to help.  Unfortunately, several of the babies are not at a safe weight for surgery. 


Thanks to sponsors of our Preemie and Special formula fund, we were able to send quality Prenan formula and cleft bottles to help the babies gain the needed weight.  Special soft, easy to squeeze bottles allow the caregiver to deliver formula at a rate that the baby can safely swallow.  And quality formula packed with calories and nutrients make every swallow count. 

We can't wait to see the results!