Success Stories

LWB Nutrition Program - June 2015Preemie and Special Formula Fund

Meet Paul, the newest beneficiary of LWB’s Preemie and Special Formula Fund!  

Having exhausted all their resources, Paul’s parents applied to the Unity Initiative for help in funding their infant son’s medical needs.  Born prematurely, Paul started life at only 2kg.  Since his birth, he has had several surgeries, one a colostomy due to complications and an infection following hernia surgery.  

Even with surgical intervention, Paul continues to struggle and is not gaining weight and growing as he should.  His doctor suggested Wyeth S-26 SMA PDF Gold formula. We have seen this formula help babies like Paul gain weight and thrive. 

LWB Nutrition Program - June 2015

We are so glad that thanks to the generous supporters of the Preemie and Special Formula Fund, we could immediately send a case of formula out to Paul and his family.