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Nutrition Program

girl smiling with plate of food

LWB’s Nutrition Program is committed to helping children in our programs have the healthiest lives possible. Our efforts include:

  • Infant and specialty formula for babies in our healing homes 
  • Nutritional support for babies and toddlers living in hard places, such as a slum or landfill
  • Emergency food relief for families severely impacted by the pandemic
  • A daily meal program for children in LWB’s Believe in Me schools, many of whom are chronically malnourished

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our nutrition program. Donors will receive regular updates and photos.

Featured success story

girl eating school lunch outside

Finley from Cambodia

When LWB began work in remote Sokhem Village, Cambodia, we quickly learned of a multitude of challenges faced by the children here, including extreme poverty and chronic hunger. Families in this village struggle daily, often living without access to water or electricity. Many of the children are “left behind” as their parents cross the border searching for work, leaving them even more vulnerable to undernutrition.

When we first met 10-year-old Finley, her height and weight didn’t register on a growth chart, and she was suffering from Kwashiorkor, a severe protein malnutrition evidenced by her physical stunting and blonde hair. After receiving a daily hot lunch through our school nutrition program, Finley gained a remarkable 11 pounds over a ten month period.

Get involved

If you would like more information about supporting our nutrition program, or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, email our Nutrition Team!