Unity Initiative

In our efforts to help prevent children from being orphaned, LWB made a decision over a decade ago to stand beside impoverished families in China who are desperate to obtain life-changing medical care for their children. Through our Unity Initiative, LWB supporters have saved the lives of many children and spread the powerful message to their families that people truly do care about them. A few of those children are:

Riley, who was born with a heart defect. His parents had been trying to save for his surgery since his birth, but the cost was beyond their reach. After receiving and recovering from surgery, Riley's mother expressed their deep gratitude to all those who made surgery for their dear son possible.

Leighton, whose father works odd jobs to try to support his family of five, leaving him with no means to provide for the surgery this sweet girl needed to heal her heart.  Her family was so relieved to hear she could have her surgery through the LWB Unity fund.

Violet, whose heart condition was so urgent that her parents took her by train to Hefei the very day we told them that LWB could help with her surgery. The youngest of two children in a poor farming family, Violet's heart operation could not wait a moment longer.

Your support today means we can say "YES" to helping the next families who ask for our help. Together, we can make a lifelong difference for critically ill children and their families who love them. Together, we can stand with impoverished families who never give up hope.