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Elgin and Ryder

Elgin and Ryder
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About Elgin and Ryder

Elgin and Ryder are currently in LWB's partner hospital in Hefei receiving specialized care in the NICU. Elgin has been in the hospital since mid-December and Ryder since early January after their orphanage contacted us requesting help. Little Elgin is tiny preemie, and Ryder was found abandoned with severe pneumonia. The boys have made great progress in their healing and under normal circumstances would be ready to discharge to our China Healing Home. Unfortunately the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantines has made that impossible. For now the safest place for these two fragile babies is to stay right where they are - in the hospital. However the cost for their care is significant. Each day the boys stay in the NICU, their costs increase by approximately $750. Just to cover their current expenses and keep them in the hospital until mid February, we are in need of an additional $25,000 on top of what has already been received in donations. We are asking for donations in any amount to help us with their current and expected expenses for keeping them in the hospital at this time.