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About Oliver

Oliver is a very tiny 18-month-old boy born with Down Syndrome who has a complex heart defect which needs surgery soon. His family is very impoverished, raising wheat and corn to survive. They love him dearly and have spent every penny trying to find help for their precious son. Several hospitals sadly refused his case due to his special need and told the parents to take him home untreated. When LWB’s China Director contacted the mother she was crying so hard, saying she didn’t want to give up on her son. We had Oliver’s mom and aunt travel to Fudan University, a top cardiac hospital in Shanghai, and the surgeons there said Oliver absolutely should receive surgery as a child with Down Syndrome. LWB has promised this family we will support them through this process to save the life of their beloved son. Your donation in any amount will bring hope and healing to this wonderful family and save Oliver’s life.